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Chatter from the sidelines

Liverpool 2- 1 Bordeaux

Love me some Studge, but his chronic injuries are becoming a problem. Seven games in twelve months is no good on an investment, especially when he gets paid £150k a week

Bordeaux football club sends out a message to Britain before they get a sort of pasting

Interesting match. I think Mignolet and Sturridge won't be around for the summer window, tbh

Migs held the ball for 22 seconds, got himself a booking and a penalty. *sigh* Oh, Migs

Benteke is a solid player, but still not worth £32m. WTF.

Moreno is pretty much becoming the player that we paid for under Klopp. If Manquillo had stayed *tears* he'd have been great for us. Anyway, he's supposedly happy at Marseilles, and says he prefers the atmosphere there (but seriously, he came under the Nadir of Rodgers, we supporters were pretty depressed. Paying all that money for wank football? Heck, word has it the reason why that other guy was put out the door post haste was the fact that people weren't buying tickets for the games anymore.

When Klopp speaks, people listen. He said he felt lonely when people were leaving the matches early (which they do, to avoid traffic congestion), the club is now making transport arrangements for fans so they don't have to drive (in the future- like a park and ride?) and people stayed behind last night. Klopp will mend us, he's doing it already

Qäräbag 0 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

So. Spurs. A LOT of supporters were mad that Pochettino decided to take a full strength team to Qäräbag, but Pochettino has been putting out strong sides from the jump. He's learnt his lessons from Europa last year (the first time he's had to manage both domestic and European campaigns

He's used some fringe players, and seems to be open to using the Europa competitions as a testing ground. For instance, Harry Kane proved his worth in Europa before he got a run in the first team in the PL. Trippier--- seems not to be as good, tbh. He's pretty meh at this level, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got let go in the summer

I'm surprised that Dele Alli played on wing (and not in the middle pivot with Dier like normal). I think Alli's position is either an 8 or a 10, no?

On Tottenham's thirteenth (!) corner, Son Hueng Min (Sonny) got his head on the ball, shot in Kane's direction and Kane headed it in

And Spurs got their three points. Qäräbag played about eight men behind the ball. They've had a good home form, and have won against other teams in group J, but Pochettino wanted the three points. Then come December, they can draw with Monaco and get a good seeding in the group of 32 (another two legged tie foolishness. Why can't the tourney be the true semblance of a knockout tourney? One match and done?

Anyway, it's done. Pochettino has signalled his intent to ask for PL clubs in Europe to get help when it comes to the scheduling. Once a year, the coaches from all the PL clubs meet in London to determine the agenda for the upcoming season. Then once a year, the heads of clubs meet with the members of the FA and the PL games where they trash out the schedule and money deals. If Pochettino can get his team performing well enough, he might have the ear of his club boss, so we'll see!

Celtic 1- 2 Ajax

Ajax fans in Glasgow with their distinct colours of red and white

Ajax fans with Rangers flags. A++++ trolling

The Celtic fans showed up- and how!

Celtic drew first blood

Ajax struck back

Cerny tied up Ajax's qualification with a second goal

FC Krasnodar 1- 0 Dortmund

Hummels was at fault for Krasnodar in getting a penalty (because he was tugging at the shirt of the opposing player), and the referee found in their favour. Hummels was not impressed. Check out his side eye! 10/10!

Matts telling how it was after the match.

Don't cry for Dortmund! They are top of their group, thank you very much!

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! As for myself, I'm trying to avoid the Black Friday crowds, which (unfortunately) are becoming popular in England. Why?
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Recent Posts from This Community

  • Saturday, Saturday

  • Free for all Friday

    News ⏰ RESULTS ⏰ Goals, comebacks, and plenty of drama 😅 ✅ West Ham, Leverkusen, and Monaco join Lyon…

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