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Champions league qualifiers

chatter from the sidelines

Bayern Munich 4- 0 Olympiacos

Man, listen. The first twenty mins of the match, I was flicking streams between Bayern, Chelsea and Arsenal. Every time I came back to Bayern stream, they were up one goal. Damn it, Guardiola!

Like... no mercy

Just, stick the boot in, why don'tcha? Especially since they were down to 10 men. Got me like... *insert emoticon with screaming face here*

Maccabia Tel Aviv 0 - 4 Chelsea

What to say about this match? Mourinho hated the pitch quality (he's not as anal as Guardiola in terms of the length of grass, but the pitch was a shocker)

Willian is the hardest worker on the Chelsea team. Effing free kick specialist, he's as good as gold, and works his heart out on the pitch

The Spanish referee didn't play when it came to red carding the Maccabia player, but still, studs up, you know what happens, right?

Oscar has a growth in his stomach. Oh, Diego Costa is toast. He and Mourinho had a dust up in the dressing room, because when Hazard was with the ball in the box, Costa didn't press - he didn't even move! Oscar had to break up the fight. January can't come fast enough for this team, I think. Mourinho is going to clean house

Arsenal 3- 0 Dinamo Zagreb

Over here, the papers had it that Arsenal was a spent force. That they had to win this match or slink on home forever more. Only for Sanchez to show up and show out

Whenever Ozil isn't assisting, he's making goals. He was magic last night, ngl

Arsenal isn't out of the woods, yet! They have two clear goals to get in the next match before they can go on!

Dynamo Kiev 2- 0 Porto

Casillas did a clanger, yo. He let a ball through to goal that shouldn't have been let through. So of course BT Sport replays the clip about five times

This is an FML face, but to survive in football, you need instant amnesia (DeAndre Yedlin seems to have only found this out in his experience with the English PL. So... what's it like in America, mate?

Porto and Chelsea have it all to play for. So next month Porto will be at Chelsea

Bayern Leverkusen 1- 1 BATE Borisov

Let's just say... Bayern Leverkusen left it late. Hernandez seems to be doing well in Germany, good for him

More Leverkusen peeps

OP: done! I hear Barcelona ripped Roma a new one, 6-0! But I don't have those pictures! Cheers, jeers, commentary pushback and correction, you know the drill!
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