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weekend matches

El Clasico
Real Madrid 0 - 4 Barcelona

Summary of match in video

El Clasico summed up

Ha ha ha. People on tumblr have been writing poems about Iker, comparing him to galaxies, lost stars and eroded mountains after this result.

I can't show these pictures! The players have families! Oh, the humanity! Do you think Rafa will last until January?

Watford 1- 2 Manchester United

Didn't watch the match but heard that Schweinsteiger was imperious

For the amount of money Manchester United have shelled out for players, DeGea really shouldn't be doing the work that he has to do

Depay's form blows hot and cold. His form was hot yesterday

Swansea 2- 2 Bournemouth

Cherries - okay. Despite their bottom placement, Bournemouth is in the same quagmire this season as Leicester was last season- they play well, but don't win.

Idek about the Swans. They were giant killers last season, and have only brought in better players over the transfer window, so what happened?

Everton 4- 0 Aston Villa

Lukaku got a record for most goal scored under 25 years of age in the PL

Everton has been on fire! Roberto Martinez has spoken about wanting his side to get back into European competition. Hence him being firm on not flogging off their best players to other sides. He's building a future

The thing with Villa is, they seem to have a patchy team bereft of quality. Garde has a job ahead of him! Bonne chance!

Newcastle 0 - 3 Leicester

Leicester on top of the PL table! What a time to be alive

Vardy equalled the record for a goal in successive games (10, iirc)

SMH at Newcastle's defence

West Brom 2- 1 Arsenal

Arteta is still alive! Word has it that once his contract runs out, it will not be renewed

Carzola botched his penalty! Oops

Another day, another injury for Arsenal, wtf? But still, it's been an interesting season so far!

Chelsea 1 - 0 Norwich

Chelsea got their first win in what feels like a long time

I'm not a fan of Chelsea, but props to the supporters for always seeing reason, and cheering and chanting for Mourinho. For good and (much) ill, he is the face of Chelsea FC and modern football, tbh

Supposedly, Mourinho isn't looking to get anyone in in January, but word has it that players will be shipped out. For the love of God, Jose, play Loftus-Cheek or let him go!

Southampton 0 - 1 Stoke

Bojan back in full swing! Third goal on the trot. What is he like?

Question, do Southampton field English players anymore? Just asking for a friend

Graziano Pelle is supposedly looking to return home, because Serie A is coming back into being again

Man City 1- 4 Liverpool

What can I say? Man City overpay for sh*tty defenders, that's what I can say. They got Klopped!

Coutinho was on it

LOL, shots fired!

Schalke 1 - 3 Bayern Munich

Celebration time, come on! Alaba is on top of the world

Mayer scored a goal for Schalke

I heard that Philip Lahm (not pictured) played badly, and fans on my TL were wondering if he should move his retirement from football up from 2018 to the end of this season and go straight into club duties

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill. I have to go run. Literally. Oh, can I have a Leicester fc tag? Cheers.
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