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Champions League!

Chatter from the sidelines

Real Madrid 1- 0 PSG

The translation is something like, 'Where everything began',iirc?

Someone give me a 140 character limit of how the game went. Idek

Ramos did this. Awesome

Isco was bleeding

Nacho scored. PSG had two good chances (Rabiot and uhh... the guy who mimes shooting at the stands) gone begging

Sevilla 1- 3 Manchester City

Manchester City got a fine for their supporters booing its 'anthem' *side eye* Not to be outdone, City fans still boo'd. But quietly

Sterling got his first goal in ten appearances in the CL

City had no defence, so Pellegrini must have told them to attack, atttaccckkkk!!!!

CSKA Moscow 0- 1 Manchester United

Wayne Rooney scored the only goal after a sterile match up, tbh. Although Smalling did a WICKED save. If you can see the highlights, do

Smalling. Hero of the match, tbh

The Manchester United fans are getting restless and tired of the sterile defensive football. Manchester United attack! Attack! seems to be the cry

Astana 0- 0 Atletico Madrid

Astana parked the bus, and Atletico couldn't break through

Word has it that Chelsea longs for Greizmann, and Greizman is open to a move away. Atletico's clause on him is an annoyance, and nothing more

Sports photography is pretty awesome

OP: sorry, have to go. Cheers, jeers, correction and commentary pushback you know the drill
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