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weekend matches

Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur 0- 0 Liverpool FC

After international week, Tottenham Hotspur got to host Liverpool FC- I mean, Jürgen Klopp- at the lane. Man, it's like Jose Mourinho all over again, wtf?

Let me tell how the match was hyped up. Klopp got good luck messages

Online and scrawled on the posters in London town. Thought for the day!

The away fans got some banners made, to show Klopp that his message came across loud and clear (they are believers now)

Liverpool fans - when they love their managers, they love their managers. When Rafa Benitez became LFC manager, a lot of students picked up Spanish as a GCSE. Now that they have a German manager, expect the same. Some LFC fans around my way are like, "Jp, let's learn German. They have classes, shall we go?" I can only speak Spanish when I'm too tired to be self conscious. German might be a step too far, eh? Don't let me stop you though

"But jp," you say, "what about the match, boo?" I'm SO GLAD you asked, that! I wanted to show you what it's been like over here, to rahtid (don't use that word in polite Caribbean company). What match?

Man, even, the question, "Was there an opposing team and coach?" But Pochettino is a good opposing coach to share a digout with. He'll greet you warmly at the start, and at the end, and ignore you for the rest of the game. No pushing here! They shared a hug at the start, and a warm handshake at the end. So uh, match pictures, jp? Listen, I'm sharing the experience as how it unfolded, all the hype and coronation.

This was the match, all eyes were on Klopp (umlauts are hard to do, going forward it has to be Klopp or Juergen or JK), the commentators were all about Klopp. So the match in two pictures and two general ideas

A battle between Lamela and Moreno- two talented but inconsistent players (they're young and not the developed products, as well as a boatload of injuries, so both teams were threadbare, admittedly, LFC more than Spurs

The general match play, I think. It was interesting to see Klopp and Pochettino's football expression in action. Both men do employ a pressing game, and Pochettino in the press conference foretold the events of the match. Pochettino said that Klopp wouldn't be able to change everything, and the players would come out charging for the first fifteen minutes in the style you wanted them to, then they'd switch off. So Liverpool came charging out of the blocks and pressing. They outsprinted and outran Spurs (first team to do so this season), and the players on both sides worked hard (because the play style demands you to).

Dembele and Alli (Spurs) were the midfield pivots to Can and Milner (LFC) - I don't know if you want me to go all tactical, because this post is already long, but basically, you got the feeling that Dembele and Alli weren't holding their midfield well at first, but then they did. So the first half of the game was a game of two halves. LOL

Both goalies from each side made some good saves. It was interesting to compare a sort of sweeper keeper (Lloris) to a good shot stopper (Mignolet). If the commentators weren't so focused on Klopp on the sideline, and cutting away to Klopp (and I do LIKE Klopp and glad that he's LFC manager and in the PL) you'd have appreciated the nuances of the game as it set before you. It fell flat, because the hype was too loud, but I enjoyed the game for what it was

Origi is still unfinished, but he'll thrive under Klopp. Liverpool had the first clean sheet in nine games, but you could tell that each player got a remit and tried to stick to it, but as Klopp said, they were nervous when they got the ball, and crossed over each other. Gee, you think? The supporters have been saying that from last year, but the press is all, "Brilliant German intelligence!" when he pointed it out. We English supporters have been saying that for the past year, you numpties!

Lamela and Moreno had the best scuffles, lol

Clinton Njie came on for an injured Chaldi, and fluffed his lines at first, then got a chance and saw his shot go wide. The lad has ability, although he needs to be a bit more crafty

Mignolet always performs well against Tottenham Hotspur! He blocked about three shots. All right, I'm moving on now.

But not before one last shot of Klopp. Honestly, that's what the entire match was like. Then the rest of the matches were just snapshots in passing. Terrible, BT sport, that was terrible.

Klopp has banned WAGS (not wags) from Melwood. I'm shocked that this didn't happen sooner? What sort of doss house was Rodgers running? FML.

Everton 0- 3 Manchester United

I-- just. What happened, Everton? Anyway, I met a Manchester United supporter, and groused, "Why are you guys winning by playing so badly?"

My next question was, "Why isn't Herrera played more often?"

Everton was in a somber mood, because one of its best sons had died. Howard Kendall was a player and a manager who coached both Everton and Basque teams.

Banners were flown in his honour

As a sign of respect, both sides wore black armbands. Manchester United can be a classy club, they just make strange decisions sometimes

Manchester City 5-1 Bournemouth

Manchester City has seen its franchise extend to a woman's team down under. They already have a men's team, Melbourne something, right? I remember the furore when they changed the kits from red to blue

Bony scored his first goal in a year, and Sterling got a hat trick. Poor Bournemouth

Poor Bournemouth. Citeh back on top of the table. :/

Watford 0- 3 Arsenal

Ramsey's wife is pregnant, I guess?

Watford had a solid, stout first half, but got found out in the second half

Santi was at his best. Have some gossip re: Arsenal academy, but again, bookmarking this for another post

Chelsea 2- 0 Aston Villa

Chelsea banners. For all the shade about the club, there are still fans who care, who show up

Do I want to know what happened here? No, I don't want to know what happened here

SUNOFAB****H! Rueben Loftus-Cheek played? Goddamn! He'd be the first academy product since John Terry to break through in the team (straight from the academy) if so!

Well, dang, Mourinho came good on his promise after all

Villa had an OG, so it was just another bad day at the office for tactics Tim

Crystal Palace 1- 3 West Ham

West Ham continue their fine away form

Adrian was dead chuffed at his side, because they had a late goal to wrap things up

La Liga (or whatever its new name will be)
Barcelona 5- 2 Rayo Vallencallo

Neymar scored four goals

Wow, this kit is busy. Like, the design holds together, but barely

Real Madrid 3- 0 Levante

Cristiano Ronaldo broke a record, you can fill me in on which one

Goals, eh? Like shooting fish in a barrel

Got the golden boot for highest goal scorer

Black armbands worn in honour of Raúl, who passed away, iirc

Serie A
Roma 3- 1 Empoli

I'm going to get a Roma shirt. But only wear it indoors.

Salah enjoying Roma. Wasn't he at Fiorentina on loan?

AC Milan 1- 1 Torino

Torino has been holding their own

AC Milan's uniforms are so pretty

Werder 0- 1 Bayern Munich

Muller scored the only goal of the match</b>

How was the match? Was it hard fought, etc?

Why was everyone d'awwing at this picture?

Schalke 04 2- 1 Hertha BSC

That's really a nice celebration!

I like the chequered Schalke 04 scarf. Must investigate

Nasty spill

This happened after the second goal. Cool!

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, commentary pushback and corrections, you know the drill! I have to go, can someone please fill in the tags for me? Cheers
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