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news round up


Ancelotti was in London to collect an 'inspire leadership' award. Whatever that means

Rooney and Stones are out of the English NT due to injuries, Walker and Townsend get a call up. Pochettino must be going spare.

Fernando Torres is the new face of a clothing brand. JackJones? Is it like Jack Willis? Kinda European hipster, drizzled with eau de 'gap yeah' I can't remember the aesthetic. On this side of the pond, fashion can be a bit samey (once you get beyond urban)

Alvez practising with Brazil for World Cup qualification?

Bundesliga table as it stands at the moment

LOL, it's been interesting all the past players who've come out shading Rodgers around the Derby. Between this tweet and Reina's I've been dying

More pictures of Rihanna at PSG keep popping up. I hope Trapp is the gentleman she seems to want. A man to open doors for her, to be affectionate with her in front of his friends. Her Vanity Fair article was deep, although I side eyed her re: the Rachel Dozeal comments, but whatever

Nice, you can have wine in the PSG executive box. I dig. I dig.

OP: done. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill
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