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Bayern do the Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is back and the Bayern players, Pep and their WAGs were spotted in the usual dirndl and lederhosen, just drinking, chilling and plotting to destroy Dortmund and Arsenal.

Here's Diego Douglas Costa missing the whole point of Oktoberfest:

Tunnelcunt and AK. The Evening Standard asks important questions about Tunnelcunt at Oktoberfest:

Is Mario Gotze old enough to be drinking that? And why does he look like Indiana Jones when he's back at university? (Please, Tunnelcunt wishes he were as badass as Indiana Jones.)

Now, I've never found Javi Martinez particularly attractive but damn, he's really working that lederhosen.

David Alaba is adorable, he really needs more love.

Hallelujah, Pep's beard is back! Thank god we didn't have to endure his clean shaven face for long. Mrs. Pep is very cute.

The Lahms! Little Julian is going to outgrow his dad. Claudia is looking wonderful.

I bet Oktoberfest was the one of the big reasons for Vidal's move to Bayern.

Did Thiago's wife get a new face? Or is she pregnant? Either way, she looks completely different from her wedding photos.

NGL, the injuries have made me forget about the existence of Robben. And I always forget about Rafinha, even when he's not injured. Biebstuber though T-T

Because life is not complete without Rummenigge in lederhosen.

The only people you need to care about.

I think Coman is looking glum because he can't drink. How old is the kid?

Benatia is a little scared to be standing next to Ribery. Can you blame him?

I'll say this, for all of their *cough* problems, Satan Bobby and Anna are one of the most well matched, photogenic couples around.

To think I almost forgot them!

King was there with not-Kathrin T-T

Ending this post with (who else?) my Troll!

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