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Champions League Qualifiers

Arsenal 2- 3 Olympicacos


O.o What has happened to Arsenal?

LOL, Ospina just... dropped the ball over the line. Olympiacos' 12th man

Porto 2 - 1 Chelsea

Any gossip? Not really. It seems that a group of Casillas supporters from Madrid flew to Porto to see their hero against Chelsea. I... guess

Mourinho visited the Porto museum the day before the match and said his heart was 'soft'. Also, he says that if Chelsea can't turn back the tide soon, he'll just get academy talents in on the field to play. Wow, I'd want Chelsea to get dropped down to the Europa league spots for that alone. Can you imagine Mourinho working with relative 'kids' and chilling in Europa league? LOL. That would be a test for his management

Chelsea was unlucky, they should have gotten a penalty when Hazard went down in the box, and Costa (I can't believe I'm defending him) deserved a shout, too. That Porto handball, though

Bayern Munich 5- 0 Dinamo Zagreb

So... I stumbled across some football confessions re: Ledowanskiiii(???) and man... y'all are filthy

Ledo- this guy is definitely auditioning for Barcelona or Real Madrid - whichever of the big two in La Liga comes for him first

Hat trick! Is it true that he was running around all *excited*? I don't trust my thirsty acquaintance at all

BATE 3- 2 Roma

A night to forget for ALL Arsenal goalkeepers, past and present, tbh. Wojcieh Szczesny (???) made another howler. OMG

Barcelona 2-1 Bayern Leverkusen

Barcelona came roaring from behind

Bodies everywhere! An interesting stat re: Champions League - the viewing figures are falling like a rock over here (have been falling for a few years), but Europa figures are levelling out? WTF?

OP: Right. Gotta go! Cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback against commentary you know the drill
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