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weekend matches

Premier League
Spurs 4- 1 Man City

Three goals should have been deemed offside but were not! Spurs would have won 2-1 in the revised goals, but still, I can see how City would feel hard done by. But that being said, a few talking points

Spurs have a stronger midfield. With Dier as DM and Ali as AM/CM whatever as a pivot, the side can protect their defenders and go forward simultaneously. This is the first game where I actually 'got' Pochettino's reason for sticking with the 4-3-2-1, where I always thought a 4-3-3 might suit the type of players that he has at his disposal. That's why he's a coach and I sit at home with tea and biscuits on a Saturday

Spurs have a stronger defence: with Alderweireld snagged from Atletico Madrid (that transfer was a cock up, NGL), he gives Vertongen some calm, and because Dier and Ali are good at their jobs/pivot the defence don't have to be bailing out the midfield. Bentaleb and Mason will have a job trying to get back into the starting XI

Lamela *might* come good after all? Lamela's difficulties at Spurs are well known. He was bought for too much money, then got injured and sat it out for a season. Got bullied off the ball, so had to gain muscle and weight to withstand the tumult. Got misused by coaches, and this summer, was off to Marseille on loan, until Pochettino intervened and blocked the loan. Levy had to apologise to Marseille's chairman, and Pochettino pretty much said that this was Coco's last season. He's had to learn the language, and he did his first interview with the Spurs network. Word has it that Lamela has tried very hard behind the scenes. Pochettino likes a trier, and will persist if he feels that the player has what it takes.

For City, they have a great starting XI, but beyond that, the quality drops off a freaking cliff! That goalie was comically bad, the defence without Kompany has gone missing, and Toure is still prone to fits and starts of inspiration instead of being consistent at this level

Son works hard, good for him

Even if Kane hadn't scored the (offside!) goal, Pochettino would insist on having him the starting 11 despite his goal drought. If you can, watch his play the next time. Kane is a good player; he'll will hold up the ball, pass, bully, and heckle. Will drop deep to defend instead of alienating himself up front, reads the game well. He has all the traits Pochettino seems to appreciate in a player. But hard work gets good luck, so no hate from me

Liverpool 3- 2 Aston Villa

Right, I'm going to keep schtum on Rodgers until he's out, one way or the other, yeah? I got blasted the other day because I didn't buy his whole 'there's a witch hunt out for me' spiel, but whatever. I'll come back onside when he's off, bloody c**k juggling w****r. And I'm still sideyeing Jamez Milner as captain, and midfield 'maestro' but whatever. Anyway, back to LFC. Sturridge came back with a brace. Since he and Reus are from the kingdom of Brittle bodies, I'm not going to toast his return as yet, you feel me?

But I've missed Sturridge's spirit, smile and even kind of selfish ways, even though winning against Villa seems to be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel right now

The Sturridge, Alberto bromance continues. I approve. It's amazing, eh? The players that Rodgers didn't choose (but the committee did) are the best ones? You don't say!

Manchester United 3- 0 Sunderland

Sunderland's luck go from bad to worse. What's good, Rooney? Scored his first PL goal this season?

Luke Shaw posted a picture on his facebook! Damn son, that's what you were hiding under the pudge all this time? Message from his facebook "Long road ahead but so happy to be able to put weight on my leg again! 😄 #MUFC ". All the best to you, Shaw

Memphis got his first PL goal! I gotta say, I don't like Manchester United, but I do like some of their players, and Memphis is one of them. I do find myself defending Memphis, because online people are like, "There's something about Memphis, I don't like, I just don't know why... but Ander is such a nice person!". Memphis just has a resting bitch face, I know people who have it. He seems like a guarded person, but his life growing up has been very hard, and his youthful troubles have been hinted at. As a mixed race kid growing up in his circumstances, it wouldn't have been easy for him. Anyway, I'm a fan, and I hope he grows into the no. 7 shirt he's gotten

Leicester 2- 5 Arsenal

If this is not a "Heeerrreeeessss Alexis!" face, I'll eat alpaca. I hate alpaca. This is why this newsletter is so late, I woke up and could barely see because my eyes are itchy and swollen due to my adventures up North yesterday

Walcott. Has he lived up to his youthful promise, or nah? The jury is still out on that one

Because Arsenal fans do think of English papers as xenophobic, there's no real discussion as to whether Ozil is worth his £42 million fee. Because when you start to argue, they scream racism and xenophobia and how the English media is mean. What. The. Fcuk, Arsenal supporters? I mean, really?

Still don't get the Puma flap colour at all

Newcastle 2- 2 Chelsea

Factoid of the day- Chelsea have never won at Newcastle under Mourinho. This was the time for Newcastle to hold Chelsea at bay, or even snatch a win, because they've been woeful this season, but... no such dice

La Liga
Barcelona 2- 1 Las Palmas

Because everyone else in the MSM was misfiring

I'm just posting this because of Neymar's new haircut. Trust me, relaxers and sweat don't mix.

Messi down, Messi down. Out for eight weeks

Real Madrid 0 - 0 Malaga

Malaga isn't a bad team, I don't know why people call them 'brave' and 'plucky'. They have a bomb diggity goal keeper, an ace midfield and just solid. Be gone, haters

Kameni was BOSS! Blocked so hard, saved so good, he got the match ball!

Bayern Munich 3- 0 Mainz

I think Lewandowski might be as obnoxious as his SO, tbh. The heck?

I don't get locker room photos (I just think of groin sweat and stinky feet, ew) but I dig Mueller's bag. Oh, did you hear that Alonso is being persecuted for tax evasion? Ooop.

Was this the Nay Nay, or the bogle?

Wolfsburg 1- 1 Hannover 96

Draxler modelling one of the strangest team kits in existence

Schurrle, tell me about him in 140 characters. I think I should know of him but I don't

OP: sorry, tinkering. Check this page in five mins. Thanks. Update: done! Off to prepare for moonchasing. So any corrections, cheers, jeers and pushback against commentary is welcomed, but I can't get back to it until tomorrow. Off to hunt for silver just in case I run into a werewolf!
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