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europa league

Europa League
Bordeaux 1- 1 Liverpool

After going full hulk smash! mode over Rodgers in other forums(!), I'm not doing it here. Never mind the fact that Alberto Moreno has taken back seat to an 18 year old Joe Gomez (not pictured) who's being played out of position to Moreno, because Moreno is a committee signing and Gomez is a Rodgers signing

Nope, I won't complain that Rodgers really loathes European competition, even though LFC burnished its reputation on European competition, because no. So here's a picture of Rossiter, a local lad who did good on his outing in midfield (left) and Lallana who's still struggling to be worthy of the price that Rodgers spunked on for him

I won't even tell you about the second string side Rodgers sent out to Bordeaux. Now, to be fair, at the amount of money Rodgers has spent, he has depth, enough depth for deep runs in Europa and LFC, but he sent a mix of academy talents, people tottering towards recovery and match fitness, to face Bordeaux, who drew against PSG

Or the fact that LFC players are played out of position so often, they are weak especially in the back for a Bordeaux substitute to nick a draw.

Or Mamadou Sakho (pictured in the back) has been marginalised by Brendan Rodgers to the point of the French NT coach telling Sakho in the press that he needs to leave LFC to secure his Euro 2016. That Brendan Rodgers, after maligning him for Lovern -who should be in a third league side somewhere- is now talking about wanting Sakho to sign a contract extension. Sakho, to his credit is chilling, and saying that he'll see. So me, bitching about Rodgers' lack of nous and contempt for Europa competition? Not having a handle on it even though this is his third year in the competition? Nah, I am not going to say a bloody thing.

Tottenham Hotspur 3- 1 Qarabag

Spurs play in all white for Europa. Same as last year

Tottenham Hotspur have issues this season with injuries: Townsend and Rose for their wingers, and Bentaleb, Mason, Eriksen and Dembele - aka, Spurs entire first string midfield were all nursing knocks. So Dele Alli (the lad with the ball at his feet), a new signing from Milton Keynes and all of nineteen, got called up to start.

And how! Alli is pretty young, and green, and from a League 1 team (about two divisions down from PL), and the narrative (that word again) around his purchase was supposedly the fact that he was brought from MK Dons so that Spurs could do the stadium share there. Or 'one for the future'. Pochettino has been easing him into first team duties gently. At first as a sub in the first two matches, then a starter for a few minutes, and now, threw him into a full 90 minute run. Ali not only ran behind the striker (Son was the striker), but unlocked defences, set up a goal for Sonny (yeah, that's what they call him. The English and their cutesy nicknames can drive me mad).

That being said, I think Alli has some kinks in his game to work out. He can be a bit of a prick on field. Not in terms of being selfish (he does set up teammates for goals, opens defence, has an eye for goal himself) but he falls too easily (if you know what I mean, and you know what I mean), and winds up opponents when he ought not to

Spurs have some issues to work out though, Sonny (sorry) said it best when, 'Suddenly, we woke up'. Yes!

Sonny also seems to have chemistry with Alli, in that they seem to read each other's game well, and respond.

Overall, I liked how Spurs set up the game, a mixture of first team core, with new players and academy talents gelling. I'd love to show you a picture of Harry Winks, but I can't find one. He looks all of fourteen, tbh, and has Natalie Portman's eyebrows.

Dortmund 2- 1 Krasnordar

Posting for the gif, tbh. I keep hearing how Dortmund scraped through against Krasnodar? How, Sway?

Look at the stats under Tudel. New coach bounce is real!

Refugees got free tickets to come and watch a game.

Is that... Januzaj I see?

Ginter got air!

Ajax 2- 2 Celtic

I hear that this game was mad... with a splash of bitter. Sorry I missed it

DeBoer said that Celtic parked the bus. No, two buses. LOL

Celtic fans show up and show out. Was reading an interesting article about the Scottish PL, and how with Rangers not in the top flight, it's really affected Celtic's game, because The Old Firm games really got Celtic ready for Europa games, so for the sake of Scottish football, Rangers FC (formerly known as Rangers) need to get back into the top flight. Rangers might do, they're tearing the Scottish Championship a new hold right now

OP done! Sorry about the lack of pictures, but the papers seem to have match times up but no pictures? Boo. Anyway, cheers, jeers, corrections and pusback against commentary, you know the drill! Any overlooked news, I'll put out tomorrow. Or you can share here!
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