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weekend matches

Chatter from the sidelines

Gossip in photos

Bayern Munich players walked out with some young refugees in front of their fans.

Gareth Bale feels more involved under Rafa Benitez, according to Spanish papers. Oooh, a bit of gossip, because nothing sweetens a cup of tea better. Bale's agent said that when Gareth Bale was 15 and getting a name for himself, he (the agent) raised the idea of Gareth Bale playing for England when the time came. You see, Bale could have qualified because his mum's mother was English, and he'd been in English academies since eight, and qualified as homegrown. Bale's father was not having it, totally raged at the agent, and said that Gareth would play for Wales internationally, or not at all. The agent still bemoans the fact that Bale would have made more money with England in terms of endorsements and whatnot. Why this gossip, you might ask? Because the same agent is managing Jack Grealish, the lad from Aston Villa who has to choose between playing for Ireland (he played on their youth teams) or playing for England (got invited to play in an U20 match, iirc, but withdrew for unspecified reasons).

Sunderland 0 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

Ryan Mason cinched the solo goal and three points in the dying gasps of the game.

Anatomy of Ryan Mason's move. So textbook, such a perfect video game move that involved three players in the final third before Mason got clattered by the keeper

Kane didn't score, but did this. I'm getting 'From Here To Eternity' feels

I can't find a picture of Eric Dier, who deserved his MOTM status. Outed dangerous fires, shouting at people so they could get into position. Provided enough stability in the Mason-Dier pivot so Mason could get ahead. Tom Carroll is in this picture, and I wish Pochettino would use him more. Pacey, can find and make space and width. Carroll is another academy talent. I gotta say though, Spurs is such a young team, their naivete is a concern

Leicester 3 - 2 Aston Villa

Villa threw their two point lead away, ridic.

Dyer, currently on loan from Swansea risked injury for the third and final goal

Jack Grealish might still be deciding if his heart remains Irish or if he wants to play for England but his first goal for Villa showed where his young club heart lies. It was a beautiful goal

Inter 1 - 0 AC Milan

Mario Balotelli in action this weekend. He's also in a chapter in Steven Gerrard's new book, which The Daily Mail is running excerpts of. NGL, I wish Gerrard had held off writing it until he retired, because he's still raw about some stuff and pining over Xabi Alonso, get yourself together but whatever man

Keenly contested match with some good moments, but Inter came up trumps in the end

Schalke 04 2- 1 Mainz 05

The blue wall

What does this word mean?

Huntelaar did something.

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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