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Premier League
Everton 3- 1 Chelsea

Right, background for the match. John Stones put in a transfer request to Everton in order for them to sell him and go to Chelsea. Everton said no. Martinez has plans for Everton to get back into European competition, and he's trying to get a core of young players to build around. So fast forward to the day - Goodison was bullish and rocking, and Martinez has developed a siege mentality up there. The first player for the toffees cut down and then-

Naismith was supposed to have been sold on deadline day. Martinez again said, "NO!" This is why. Six seconds in, darted past Chelsea's defence and ... goal!

If Begovic had been a lesser goalie, Chelsea would have been four down by half time.

Naismith was a machine!

Chelsea just looked jaded. But the players and Mourinho are too good for people to be crowing over relegation, savvy? Mourinho to his credit, took the blame for the result

One. Two. Three. Three goals at Goodison. Hah hah hahhhh

Everton is rocking!

John Stones was pensive in the aisle waiting to come out. People wondered if he'd play and Martinez was like, "Yes, he is ready." And he was!

Crystal Palace 0 - 1 Man City

Won't spend too much time on this match. Just to say, Crystal Palace looks strong and vital, and I wonder when Bamford will get a chance on the pitch. Man City is as imperious as ever. I'm not going to say 'Running away with the title' because their cups and European commitments haven't kicked in as yet

idek what Navas was doing there. The only goal of the match came from a 19 year old Man City sub. I know nothing of him, so any Citizens that can fill me in... I'm much obliged

Norwich 3- 1 Bournemouth

It might be too early to say that Bournemouth is in trouble, since Chelsea is in 15th place on the PL table right now but... they need to tighten defences, and generally not be so naive

A battle of two ugly kits, ugh. JD Sports makes Bournemouth's kit. Again. Ugh. The game was all right, but not exciting? After watching the Everton vs Chelsea game, the other games were fair (this) to downright embarrassing (more on that anon)

Watford 1 - 0 Swansea

Again, a game that's so all right and kinda boring, tbh? Let me regale you with some gossip instead. A team in the PL needs to have eight home grown players on the roster, Watford only has seven, and as such, will receive punishment (in the form of a heavy fine) if they don't sort it out sharpish

Behrami- the Swiss midfielder got redcarded for stamping on a player. Anyway, what was I saying about - ah yes. Watford has players from at least fifteen different countries, and Flores (the Spanish manager) is adamant that English be the language of the dressing room

I don't mind the puma kit for Watford, tbh. Anyway, one wonders, Quique, what made you decide to leave sunny Spain and come to the PL, notorious for going through managers like fire in a parched forest? "Jose Mourinho," he said in an interview. "Because managers are left alone here."

Arsenal 2- 0 Stoke

Stoke and Southampton have the same home and away kits. Same colourways and everything

Walcott and Giroud scored and... that's about it, really

Manchester United 3 - 1 Liverpool

*sigh* I don't even know what to say anymore. Rodgers has made Liverpool into Sarah Palin- remember in 2008, when the GOP made the expectations so low for the VP debate, that when she walked upright in the debate without tripping, people clapped and cheered? This is what LFC has become under Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers can't complain about lack of funds (£300m for players, with also a nice chunk of change from New Balance for us to wear their kits). Can't complain about lack of time, an the players that LFC has are talented. Rodgers got to keep his job even though he broke up the marriage of an LFC colleague and has been squiring her around places and obviously not keeping an eye on his work. He really can't complain

So, narratives around this game. It's supposed to be a Derby, from the days when LFC supporters supposedly stole Man United supporters jobs from the ports, and as such, the rivalry has teeth. Players are rarely traded between the clubs, etc. Anyway, DeGea got a warm applause for... I guess not going to Real Madrid, signing a new contract so that his club can get money, and that his girlfriend is blessedly not slating Manchester when she has an opportunity? Bless

You know, LvG is pretty honest. I guess it's his age, personality or his nationality, like, Yes, there's been dressing room unrest, but it's healthy, and expected. Or, "I love Liverpool because it's a club that I always win against." LOL, I can't hate, LvG,

When Brendan Rodgers said in the presser before the game that Manchester United gave him his best defeat, I pretty much expected LFC to lose at this point. The guy is doing a Gus Poyet, I keep telling people. Remember Poyet with Sunderland how he just... went through the motions, because he wanted to be sacked and get paid off? That's what Rodgers is doing. People are like, "No, jp, you go too far." Mate, not as far as Rodgers has

LFC lined up in a 4-5-1 formation. 4-5-1. Even though Danny Ings isn't a winger, but a striker, and Gomez is flat footed and eighteen and playing out of position. And- there seems to be no identity. Like, check it, you know when you're watching Spurs, their identity is- the high press, where every player in the 3-1 of the 4-3-1 are expected to rotate, and score. There's no fixed scorer per se (Kane was a happy anomaly). Or you look at Man United and you know that LvG hates the 4-4-2 and loves the possession. Mistrusts mavericks like Herrera. As in, NOAP, he's NOT going to do it. It gives him an itchy bum. Rodgers is... it was ticka tacka, it was fluent football, and now... not even the players seem to know

A first half so slow, Schweinsteiger could hack it.

It was a lovely day for a beating

Memphis Depay is fast, strong, and agile, but he has the decision making nous of a toddler on sugar. That will come with time

Migs tried, but LFC's defence is porous as limestone

Blind scored a goal in a set piece that a blind man could have seen coming, but not Rodgers' Liverpool. *sad lulz*

Benteke made a beauty of a goal. Pace, skill, accuracy, speed- beauty

Anthony Martial had a lot of weight to carry- the £59 million tag, the wonder if he'd be able to withstand the pressure of the theatre of dreams, the fact that he doesn't speak any English and is unable to communicate with his teammates, he's 19- ah, only for him to get past flat footed LFC defenders and score a goal!

Rodgers slinks off, hoping to be fired so that he can get his £15 million payout. Ugh. Not caring if he destroys the club's spirit and having season ticket holders just saying that they're done. That people are losing their whole faith in the club, because leadership comes from the top, and just uuuughhhh

OP: I need to go. Will come back and do La Liga, Bundesliga et al when I come back. But I have a five km run to go and time.
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