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Chatter from the sidelines

Cyrus 0 -1 Wales

Baley (that's what he's called by his Welsh NT teammates) delivered a terrific header and netted his side 3 points. If they triumph over Israel, it will be the first time Wales has qualified for a major international tournament since 1958

Cyprus played well, the match was dead even (according to my SO, he watched the match, I didn't)

Again, credit to Bale, Ramsey, Williams and co for turning up and showing out when their country has needed them! They're now ranked 9th (over England's 10th, best of British!)

Snapshot of Bale. If Wales get to the Euros... wow, I'd like to see that!
Belgium 3- 1Bosnia

Hazard got his kicks in

Is he really worth £59m ? De Byrune has a price tag to try and prove his worth. I don't know what city was thinking, but when you have a sheik for a sugar daddy, well...

Why Begovic looking like Alonso at this angle? I was like, "Erm, what's Alonso doing in goal."

Italy 1 - 0 Malta

Pirlo got recalled even though he's in the MLS? Hmmm

An empty stadium. A silence for the victims of the migrant refugee crisis

Holland 0- 1 Iceland


Raging Robben

Depay was a blunted force

The definition of SMH

Who's the best in the World, Messi or Ronaldo?

In order to cut down on litter with cigarette butts, they are rolling out these butt bins across London

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback you know the drill! Listen, can someone do the tags for me? I need to go!

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