jazzypom (jazzypom) wrote in ontd_football,

transfer window closes today

Chatter from the sidelines


Januzaj got tapped to Dortmund. Valencia was in the running for his signature too

LOL, still crying with laughter. Thanks RM

Real Madrid knew David de Gea was coming and they baked him a cake and... he can't show up!

I agree with this. It's the whole situation with Bale again

James and Salome. I'm waiting to see if she'll have her mother's old face

I'm going to stop. Seriously. Just.

The memes keep coming

International break

Pogba at Clarefontaine" />

Varane, right?

Do they dress up for dinner times at the French camp? Classy!

French fans at the French training ground, Clarefontaine, posing with Greizmann

Lloris always looks pained, as if he should have his hand over his heart, whilst wearing black priest robes. A special shoutout to whomever gets this reference

Wales in training. I won't stop saying it, but credit to Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey for not shirking their international duties, as well as Ashley Williams, Ben Davies, Joe Allen and the rest. Their efforts have put the Welsh NT in a pretty advantageous position

That being said, Bale needs a trim or something

Adidas seems to have used the same template (re the tops) for Swansea city's kit as well. Garry Monk was wearing a similar top when he did the prematch interview against Manchester United. As much as I swear at Adidas though, their running shorts are the best, I've found.

Ben Davies (Americans pronounce his surname so wrong) does press interviews

Can today be a day of confessions? Not as extreme as this (I appreciate the poster's ambition, though) </i>

OP: Done, cheers, jeers, correction and commentary pushback you know the drill. Do we have a transfer windows tag? My tags aren't working for me, help! I got transfers, but I can't click on the others? Is it just me?
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