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mid week games

Chatter from the sidelines


The Gerrards loving LA

Champions League: An Overview

Chelsea loan players. Read the accompanying article as a young player, Idek if Chelsea would be my first choice if they were courting me with other clubs, what's the percentage of loanees who get to pull on the blue shirt in the end?

Group draw for CL today! I will be away. Someone make a post about that, will yah? So I can follow on my phone?

Teams in the pots

Teams names spelt out (if like me, you can't id some of the crests)

The teams for the group stage. Who is yours? I'm English, so I'm obligated to cheer for the co-efficient, even though in my heart of hearts I do want ALL the top four to get relegated. #Bantz

Bruge 0 - 4 Manchester United (agg 1- 7)

After 876 mins without getting a goal in the net, Rooney gets three. It's that old chestnut of waiting for one bus and three come along at once!

That being said, this was the best moment of the night. When LvG and Giggs exchanged stares because Chicharito did...

This. Chicharito is a Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham prospect. After that performance... well, his chances might be dented a little

I found a gif of Chicha's sliding on his butt for you. You're welcome

I like this picture. So many things you can take away from it, read into it. Rooney, Memphis and LvG. Word has it that LvG is loving his time over at Old Trafford.

Manchester United will never be my team, although I like a fair few of their players. Herrera being one of them. Ander Herrera is a class apart, although the match fixing situation that surrounds him is kinda dodgy

Bayer Leverkusen 3- 0 Lazio

Lazio is out! But then, again, you'd have known that

OP: done! Time is against one, and I have to dash. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Sorry for the mostly English slant, but apart from the usual slagging off re: the money in the PL from the European sides (Kevin De Bruyne is causing more trouble than he's probably worth, tbh), there was nowt much to report?
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