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weekend news (and matches)

Chatter from the sidelines

LA Galaxy 5- 1 NYCFC

This game. I had options, y'all. Blew off Spanish practice with one of the more charming speakers of the language I've met in a while; because, as I explained to him in my less assured version of the language, it was NYCFC vs LA Galaxy. If MLS teams were measured in bling, they'd be the blingiest. East Coast vs West Coast, Biggy vs Tupac. 'California Love' vs 'Big Pimping'. How could I not?

Besides, Pirlo. <3

It was a hot time at ---- whatever soccer specific stadium (stay that ten times fast!) LA Galaxy plays

Gerrard and Keane rediscover their connection on the field of a sort. It's been interesting seeing how Gerrard plays in LA vs LFC, I'll say that. After the interview Robbie Keane has been saying how people don't want to play in Europe anymore, everyone wants to play in the MLS- which is fine since they're coming on DP (designated player, not the other NSFW dp- which made reading MLS reports awkward for me, let me tell you) wages. Even though, Gerrard's wages at LA Galaxy are half of what he reportedly earned at LFC.

Even when Giovanni dos Santos can get a goal off your side... you know you've reached the nadir. I looked away from the TV when the score was 3-1? Two mins later it was 5-1. Oh, the humanity!

Villa said it best when he was like, "I need my teammates, I cannot do it alone!" 11 Friends!

That being said, the MLS is having fun with Pirlo

The Maestro in the home of the meme. He'll be fine

Premier League (since Barclays are opting out of the sponsorship deal going forward)
WBA 2- 3 Chelsea

Pedro was supposed to go to Manchester United, but Woodward dropped the ball. So Mourinho, although Pedro dissed him years ago, saying how Guardiola was a better coach (did you read the link above) and was a catalyst to Mourinho and Guardiola moving from mutual admiration to apathy, Mourinho slid up in his DMs like... "Come to Chelsea, we want you, we need you." It helped that Fabregas and him were mates, as well as their wives, and they sold Pedro London with its restaurants and shopping. It's a nice place if you have money. Private dog walking parks near Harrods and all that.

Before we talk about Pedro and the game, let's talk about the kit. I really like the shirt, but I don't get the shorts? On my stream they looked as if they were dip dyed in bleach, but they look better in pictures.

The Hawthornes came to fight against Chelsea. They were down two in the first twenty minutes, then clawed back with one.

Then John Terry did this. When I saw it, I went, "Oh snap." He got a straight red, and then took his time coming off the field, the plonker. But he's off for three matches

Hazard, even when he was off the boil (made his side too narrow) he was still so good! Defending the ball with his body, holding off defenders... worth his salt, I can see why Mourinho would go batsh!t if Real Madrid or Barcelona came for him.

Everton 0 -2 Manchester City

John Stones is the man of the moment. With Terry off on the sidelines, Chelsea will only intensify their efforts to get him. Martinez refuses to be swayed by the song of filthy lucre

Pellegrini is an affable man. He has no time for Jose Mourinho (understandable, they locked horns in La Liga and it was unpleasant, as Mourinho can be at times), but Pellegrini gets on with almost everyone else in the PL

The game is afoot! This wasn't really billed as a game to watch, but it became a game to watch

Silva was swamped. So was Aguero

Lukaku was unlucky

City's goals came from Kolarov and Nasri, players who were deemed surplus to requirements, so welp

Southampton 0 - 0 Watford

Sums up the game exactly, I think. Neither side could break the other down

I'm finding that the football shorts are cheaper than my running shorts from Adidas or Nike, and they're a bit more modest (mid thigh vs riding high on the thigh), so I think Southampton shorts will be my future purchase

The game was a bit tepid, so I'll leave you with some old school gossip instead. Word has it that Koeman and Flores met before in La Liga (the coaching world is too small, especially at the top levels). Flores was manager of Valencia before the club changed owners, and got booted out for Koeman. Spanish gossips embroidered a tale that Flores was fit to be tied. Please, there was a hug between two managers at the start of the match, and a hug between them after, with Flores speaking warm words. That was nice. The game wasn't

La Liga

A lot of rust to shake off with the teams, it's just a fact. I'm not going to scream over the lack of quality like most newspapers have been
Barcelona 1- 0 Athletic

Another game that was on the tepid side, so I started reading Spanish gossip instead. With Pedro's sale to Chelsea (following sales from Barcelona to Stoke FC), there's disquiet that the La Maisa products are no more than cash for the till at Barcelona. What ever happened to 'mas que un club' ethos that Barcelona boasted, from academy to first team, and then growing stature? Is them competing with Real Madrid employing a faux galatico to bolster their teams causing Barcelona to lose its soul? Idek

Real Betis 1 -1 Villareal

Must be something in the water! Soldado scores a goal on his Villareal debut. Damn it, Bobby!

FC Ingolstadt 0 - 4 Dortmund

Dortmund on top of the table! It's week two, so I wouldn't chant 'We're winning the league' as yet

Good start, goooood start

OP: done! Sorry that this post took so long, but being trapped in the house, needed to take my mind off my itching torso. So, apologies with the diversion into gossip *SIGH* Damn this rosea. Anyway, any cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback against commentary, you know the drill. I can't make any amendments until much later, like... tomorrow?

ETA: can we get rid of the chivas USA tag since it doesn't exist anymore? Oh and I need a Leicester tag. Cheers
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