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match pics

Southampton 0- 3 Everton

Everton came out like a storming Norman. Oh, there's some gossip about the club. The fans (a few) do have concerns with their management. For instance, apart from the academy grads and a few out and out buys, e.g. Lukaku) most of their players are on loan

In addition to that, when they go for new players (they were in the hunt for Shaqiri) the most they do is offer conditions of 'a loan with an option to buy' but that isn't necessarily ideal. For players in demand, they'll reject that option out of hand

Martinez looking on. So EFC gossip, cont. - the local paper, Liverpool echo is pretty much a mouthpiece for both Liverpool clubs (EFC and LFC) so tend not to question, as much as encourage fans to rally around. But the board hasn't invested the in club, in terms of new grounds, or improvements to the existing one, etc.

A marvel comic book artist and Everton fan designed these uniforms. The game has been called the best one under Roberto Martinez's tenure.

It's only the second game, so I'm not going to jump on the scare mongering Southampton wagon yet, and query about their 'European' form. They might be doing an Everton of last season, scary!

Sunderland 1- 3 Norwich City

Sunderland is in the crapper again. Most supporters will tell you that the club seems to be infused with rot (in terms of the culture). The owner seems nice enough, but...

Spurs 2- 2

Spurs were up 2-0 and then threw the lead away.

Clawed back with a penalty (Alderwereld had to do his job and Lamela's job

Can't find a picture of Lamela, but here's one with Mason and Dier. Eric Dier has moved from CB to DM (he's played that position before at Sporting), and he seems to be growing as a DM. Mason offers verticality and going forward and not much in defence (not afraid of a tackle). Bentaleb and Lamela (not pictured) need to be benched for the time being. Lamela came on, gave away fouls and free kicks and almost cost Spurs the game, because Alderweireld had to be covering for him. Nawl, son. Lamela needs to sort himself out. His decisions are worrying

West Ham 1 - 1 Leicester City

Leicester have claimed the first place in the table after the first two weeks

West Ham's goalie, Adrian let in two (West Ham defence was suspect).

Adrian got red carded for this. Studs square in Vardi's chest. OOOF!

Swansea 2 - 0 Newcastle

Jefferson Montero is growing in stature. Watch as City or Chelsea try to come for him in the January transfer window. Garry Monk should just say to Montero if it happens "Look at what happened to Bony"

Ashley Williams showing why he's been golden handcuffed to Swansea. More like copper cuffed, but he loves the club, the area and the manager, so he's FINE where he is

Ayew already showing his worth. So far, there's been no word on his behaviour with Swansea (word has it when he left his former club, there was applause because he was gone). Probably he's using this as a second chance?

Watford 0- 0 West Brom

They probably did this all match

Berahino couldn't hit the side of a barn in this game. But good news, he dropped Andy Waird (the agent he shared with Raheem Sterling), has shut his trap and is keeping his head down

Dortmund 4- 0 Monchengladbach

New season, new kit, new manager

I don't get the black 'tail' on the Puma kits? They've done this to Newcastle, too

Westfalenstadion open for new narratives and new heroes

New number one. Sorry about the pictures guys, they are from Tumblr, and they tend to focus on their players rather than the match play. (._.)

Three points! Oh, for the start of the season, where the players would stay over at the team hotel, this year, their new coach (can't spell his name) had them stay at home with their families and come into the training ground

Great start!

OP: have to dash. Will come back and update this post with tags and more matches, k? If anyone can start the tagging party, I'll be very grateful!
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