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uefa supercup (I think?)

Chatter from the sidelines


The Chelsea doctor, Eva Carniero at the centre of the row.

I do like this picture. I find it pretty striking. The expression on her face, the dynamic lines in Mourinho's jacket, so you don't have to see his face to feel his anger. Good pic!

Well, he's found his level. No shade to Stoke, b/c I think at the moment, LFC is on the same level. Stoke wants to be in Europa next year, and I won't bet against them. Shaqiri was always overrated. Played well for country but went missing for club(s). What a U turn for him to come to Stoke, though

The Gerrards are chilling in LA. His two older girls always seem lovely and polished - and then there's Lourdes. Keep doing you, Lou

Man United's new kit

Uefa Supercup

I didn't watch the match, but Pedro came on, and Manchester United fans were cheering on my timeline. LOL!

Credit to Sevilla, they weren't overawed by the opposition, the competition, and showed that they deserved to be a part of the next CL matches

It was a real ping pong of a match. The first twenty minutes, Sevilla were down 3-1, then I looked again ten minutes later, 3-4! Enrique in the back was my Patronus

Penalty kicks were everywhere

Suárez was working out there

Can New Balance just... get out of the kit making businesses if their stuff is going to be subpar in terms of design. Just... what is this? What's with the random contrasting lines on the Sevilla outfit. Who did this to you, Sevilla?

Pedro scored the winning goal and looking for an out. Well, you can't beat that! What a way to make an exit!

The winningest team in history

OP: done. Cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback against commentary, you know the drill!
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