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#audi cup 2015

Chatter from the sidelines

Audi Cup 2015 Real Madrid 2- 0 Tottenham Hotspur

Right, the Audi Cup. It is a biannual invitational tournament. Four teams play, three are invited, two well known teams, and AC Milan (because of their connection to Audi). It's supposedly an honour to be invited, but this year was the wrong time. Two games mid week to turn up and play on the weekend? It's like the Europa Cup matches come early

Tottenham lost the match (the defending, tsk), but it was to be expected because they didn't really go full steam ahead. The star of the show is young Dele Alli, here. Former MK Dons player who's fired his team from League 1 to the Championship side. All of 19, but shone last night. Nutmegged Mordic, did the same to Kroos. He's a Central Midfielder who models his game after Gerrard and Yaya Toure. Dad is Nigerian, so he can play for Nigeria, but he's come up through the various Under X ranks representing England

Bale blasted the second goal. He got so much space, but Bale is fast, and strong. Once he puts on that pace... you can only watch

OMG, the Spurple! Love Spurs third kit

Just wanted to show you the third kit. OMG, the purple is gorge. I am weak for purple. Spurple! Kane was named captain of the match (a bit of pleasant gossip around that, but this bloody post is getting too long already). He got into Sergio Ramos' face after Ramos scythed Érik Lamela in retaliation (when Lamela clipped him, but not that badly). Good for him, it shows that Kane has some spirit and team ethos

Ramos and Lamela. Look at that hand around Lamela's neck

Pochettino used this game as an experiment to put Eric Dier in midfield. The jury is out on that one. Dier started off his career playing in midfield, but got moved to defending. So I guess he's looking to morph Dier into a DM? The fear with Spurs is, they have a young side, and no experience in the midfield. The preseason has been one for tinkering, so we'll see how it pans out. More defense though, Pochettino. For a guy who plyed his trade as a defensive football player, his teams seem to have none.

Bayern Munich 3-0 AC Milan

I didn't care to watch this match, so I have nothing to say

The reason for Vidal leaving Juventus was the fact that Munich offered him more money, it is said. Guardiola wanted him too, and there's still an aura about Guardiola

It's hard to find pictures sans Mario Goatze, Gotze, Gosze? But I'm trying!

Costa won some admirers. I am LOVING AC Milan's kit this year. Don't be surprised if I buy a shirt and rock it with panache when I go on holiday.

Question, how does this work? Silva with stretches.

OP done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback you know the drill! Question, is there a stoke fc tag? I cannae find it.
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