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transfer round up

Chatter from the sidelines


Real Madrid play Tottenham Hotspur in the Audi Cup today. Then play either AC Milan or Bayern Munich tomorrow. Spurs players past and present in this photo

Jorge Mendez, agent to all Portuguese and South American stars of note, got married the other day

Pepe's partner wore a risqué dress for a church wedding, no?

Perez rocked up to the wedding too. Just as well, since he probably provides most of Mendez's high flying earnings

I guess I can't really avoid a Ronaldo picture. *sighs*

James Rodriquez rocked up too

OP: done! Calm before the storm kicks off this weekend. I don't think we've gotten a break from football at all. Oh well, there's always international week! Cheers, jeers, corrections, pushback against commentary... everyone knows the drill, right?
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