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cups and matches oh my

Chatter from the sidelines


Quick gossip bites in the captions: Manchester United play Barcelona in a glamour match today. Schweinsteiger (not pictured) is injured (quelle surprise)

Blind goes into his second season with the club. Don't know what his position will be, but he's impressed, is the feedback

The Daily Mail are reporting the signs of a bromance between Memphis Depay and Luke Shaw. The lads are the same age, and seem to joke around together a lot

Premiere League cash won't tempt Barcelona stars to England, says Barca's president. Tbh, I think guys from the Big 2 Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona) come to England when they can't get play time on the teams (see: Alex Song, and Fabregas). The traffic has mostly been one way

LFC were held to bay by a Malaysian XI. Everyone calls it 'surprising'. I call it Rodgers doing a Rodgers

I do like Jordon Ibe, although he's resigned to LFC under dodgy circumstances. These things will come out in the wash, like they always do


Casillas' fine form continues unabated, letting two goals slip through in Porto's net

I'm going to assume that this is like the cup Bayern Munich has once every two years, where they invite different teams to show up? Kinda like a glamour tournament?

Arbeloa was named captain for the match, Madridistas on my TL, screaming like banshees, saying how Iker will always be their captain and they'll never buy the club kit, live streams, etc again. I need to find another hobby

I don't get Madrid's new kit. I prefer the darker grey to the lighter one, because the neon green shows up more. If push came to shove, I'd get the shorts over the shirt (I collect team shorts, because they stand up to thorns and such. I just wear them over a pair of thick tights when I go walking)

Man City need to work on their defence, before they become Tottenham of the North

Nasri and Ronaldo. *deletes biting comment*

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback,you know the drill! Can someone do the coverage for the World Cup draws today? I shall be in the fields
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