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transfer round up

Chatter from the sidelines


David Beckham at Wimbledon yesterday

Rakitic and his wife

Beckham and Farrah

The Lionesses got to meet Prince William yesterday. I'm not a fan of Prince William, but I respect the fact that he's made football one of his patronages. I wish Duchess Dolittle would make female sports her mandate but ehh

The English NT got tickets to Wimbledon, they had to wear their bronze medals around their necks like some showponies though

Pippa Middleton's thirst is real. Trying to make herself happen since... well, forever, really. NO, you cannot be a trap queen

Becks and his mum

OP: done. Any cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! I'm serious about the corrections, no matter how snarky my response. I do try to get to them within 24 hours.
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