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Chatter from the sidelines

WWC 2015

USA beat china 1- 0

They played their best game yesterday, because they introduced a midfielder of note.

Came away with a bloody nose, Kelly O'Hara? People were clamouring for her to get game time, and she did! Showed up on the field, and got a broken nose for her trouble

I kept seeing rainbow themed eagles on my timeline. Something about the Supreme Court upholding gay marriage! Oh and Bristol Palin, abstinence lecturer, is pregnant again- out of marriage. This is what, the third second kid?</s>

With the women's games they tend to tamp down on the jingoism- so there's no freedom vs the red wall or yellow peril or whatever. It's just game vs game
Germany 5- 4 France (on penalties)

France played the better game, had more chances, but woe for them, they made it go to penalties, and remember what Lineker says about Germany and penalties

The girl who missed. Had no power behind the shot so it was easily stopped. Mi Trini accent came out like...GUYRL

Penalty stoppers waiting on the field like...

That being said, it really wasn't a good match (come at me, bro). The penalty call in Germany's favour was BS, the play was stodgy, and for the 1st vs 3rd ranked teams I wasn't really blown away at all. I'll tune in for England's match tonight, and expect to be disappointed

Copa America : Argentina 5 - 4 Colombia (penalties)

James rues Colombia's chances again

We get ahead of ourselves, first, let's get the captain pictures

It was an ill tempered match. The referee was forced to ---

Show the card!

Masch was like, "Come at me, bro". Exciting!

Despite the rough and tumble game, it went to penalties. Had me like -_-

Wasn't this lad out of contract somewhere? Oh well, he stepped into the breach

Argentina won!


Messi and Kun?

Argentina wins, moves to next stage

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections, push back at commentary, you know the drill! Gotta dash. Any overlooked tags, please amend! Cheers!
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