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Chatter from the sidelines


Spurs players in Ibiza. Sun and sky. Ugh, I haven't been to a proper beach in YEARS

Ryan Mason in the Bahamas. Lucky!

Eriksen and his gf driving somewhere sunny. Lucky!

Backgammon! I learnt to play this game in Turks & Caicos. There was nowt else to do but play backgammon, tbh. I've forgotten the nuances now. Must get back into boardgames again

Dunno where Dier is here. It might be Portugal, he has links there

Moreno and his gf on holiday- and she isn't pouting! Bless.


Arsenal has signed Vlad Drogomir, 16 from Romania

The fairy tale continues for Fernando Torres

His homage to the no 19, before reverting to his no 9


Cavani's week has gone from bad to worse.

Chile won by one nil.

England crashed out of the U21s. The match was a mess, ngl. The Italians overran the midfield and the defenders. So much space for them to exploit! Oh well, England's chronic underachievement shows no signs of letting up.

OP: done. Cheers, jeers, corrections, commentary pushback, you know the drill. Overslept gotta dash. Uh... sorry to ask this again, but can someone please do the tags for me? Cheers if you do. If not, I'll try and do them at the weekend
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