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Chatter from the sidelines

WWC 2015

Ohhh la la, the Frenchies played yesterday.

Brazil and South Korea are going home. They got eliminated in the knock out stage

Another record for attendance was broken at the Canada match. Over 53k people showed up

Euro U21s

Sweden 0- 1 England. Back to the drawing board for England, whose fortunes didn't pick up (in terms of the congested midfield) until they got Luftus Cheek on (not pictured). He probably should start the next match. This guy is um... Lingard from Manchester United

LOL, love the trash talking (the sign in the background)

Copa America

Oh, my

Salome is ready to watch Papa at the match against Peru

Silva scored a goal, sending vibes to Neymar

Colombia sings their national anthem

Falcao didn't score, Venezuela and Peru drew 0-0

OP: done! Going to curl into a ball and swear vengeance on my womb for this time of the month. The hell?! Like I don't have things to do. Anyway, any corrections, cheers, jeers and pushback, you know the drill
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