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wwc 2015 and copa america

Chatter from the sidelines


The new arsenal kit

Ramos in Havana. Most Europeans I know are trying to get to Cuba before the Americans do. Mfw

Is this the new Dortmund kit?

WWC 2015

Veronica Boquete of Spain

Spain lost to Korea

The knock out stage of the WWC begins

England won against Colombia 2-1. The match was kinda ugly, and the penalty call by the referee made me sideeye

More England

Copa America 2015

Colombia 1- 0 Brazil. Neymar didn't score and got a red card! Colombia seems to be his bête noir

organisers should just not have Colombia and Brazil play against each other in the future?

Neymar and Ospina having a moment.

Neymar and James after the match

Colombia got some new dance moves, y'all!

Now hug!

Wow, more fighting

OP: done! Sorry have to dash. Any cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Bye
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