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football news round up

Chatter from the sidelines


Copa America and Women's World Cup - I can't keep up! Here's Coutinho helping me out

Neymar taking a private jet to join his teammates over in Copa America

Women's World Cup

The narrative around the US- it's been sixteen years since they last won the women's world cup. USWNT are better at soccer than any other countries - in that they defined the modern women's soccer game, and oh, if you didn't cheer for USMNT you can't cheer for USWNT. OKAY?

Hope Solo - she of domestic abuse charges - showed why she's one of the best goalies out there

Well, I won't support the USWNT because of Katy Perry lyrics, tbh

USMNT no 15 be bobbing and weaving through the throng of Aussie players. I like both kits

Aren't women with pony tails afraid of their hair being pulled. I know I would be! Man, that astroturf is some BS. FIFA's said that going forward, the woman's world cup will be played on grass

US supporters all out to support the women! Yeah, because kicking like a girl... is actually quite a good thing

Dammit, Hope Solo, why U so bad and yet so good? I wish I knew how to quitchu

SMH at this score

Copa America

Copa America will start soon, so until then, enjoy pictures of my BOO, Kün

Brazil stars mugging for selfies. I love the boy's hair (in Luiz's arms)

When Sanchez isn't throwing elbows with teammates, he's smiling

OP: Done! Cheers, jeers, commentary pushback and corrections, you know the drill! I gotta go! Will finally watch a Women's World Cup match because England is playing France today! Hopefully we get over our French complex, oui
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