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football news round up

Chatter from the sidelines


Everyone is hyping over CL. FIFA's shenanigans has taken the shine off the upcoming match for me, tbh

Guess who these English football players are

Supposedly the USMNT had a friendly against Holland? Somebody holla, because I don't know

Yedlin supposedly played very well as a winger, and his positioning has improved, I hear. He still counts on pace to get him out of trouble, which is okay now, but not so great when you're older, so he needs to tweak that aspect of his game

The USWNT watching the USMNT- right, do you yanks have a name for your team? For instance, England is called 'three lions' (or 'lionesses' depending on the sex of the team)

The USMNT took down FIFA and now oranje- what a week

Memphis got an assist in his country's goal (NED).

Depay be all up in defences like... a wrecking ball

Huntelaar was on the hunt! He got a goal! Tim Howard has said that he wants to come back to international competition

Today was a good day

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers, corrections or commentary pushback, y'all know the drill. I'm walking this weekend, so any round up of matches played today will be truncated in tomorrows post. Have a good one!
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