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more fifa

Chatter from the sidelines


Rafa has gone back home. Full circle. His staff: - Fabio Pecchia and Antonio Gomez (coach assistants).
- Xavi Valero (goalkeeping coach).
- Paco de Miguel (fitness trainer).
- Pedro Campos (scouts).

Rihanna girl, if you want a footballer, you can do better. Benzema(?) is not the one

Schweinsteiger rocked up to see a tennis player in action. If it's not Williams vs Sharapova, I'm not interested (their rivalry is bitter and I can dig that)

Ter Stergen ruffled some feathers when he said that English teams will NEVER dominate Europe, because Spanish players are better technically. *kanye shrug* It be like that sometimes

Xavi and Iniesta are having a moment

The club president getting in on the action

Benitez has come back to Real Madrid - full circle- he started his coaching there for Madrid B

Rafa, his wife Montserratt (there's an ex monastery in Spain with this name) and Flo Perez

Good luck Rafa. This is the job he'd always wanted, so I hope the dream works out for him!

OP: done! Hey, mods can I have tags for club: leicester, and the club: napoli tag doesn't work. Anyway, cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback against commentary, you know the drill! If I've overlooked any tags, please put 'em in
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