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news round up

Chatter from the sidelines

FIFA News Roundup


Women are in the game

Men aren't happy that women are in the game

Alex Morgan in her fitted suit (I can't remember the name, but a computer records your movements

Screen caps. OMG, this is football! People aren't going to steal my joy! The Three Lions, y'all

Germany, where you at?

Athletes running so that the computers can get the dimensions for their build (in terms of how they move, their positioning, etc

OMG. The first time I feel moved to play FIFA anything! At last!

The football season is over Europe, but the post season tours and such are underway!

So, Yedlin got a run out and sorry to say, America but... he's not as good as he's hyped up to be. Yedlin has a heavy first touch, has no positional awareness, and relies too much on his speed to get him out of trouble. Especially since your speed will taper off as you get older (like Lennon before him) you're borrowing trouble if he can't improve. The consensus is that Spurs will have to loan him out to a Championship side, or a lower PL side, which is why they're still in the market for another defender

The Spurs whistle stop tour takes them to Malaysia and (now) Australia before the lads break up for holidays. Well, save Kane. He's been adamant that he wants to go to the U21s. Pochettino and Southgate (U21 coach) had their talks, so Kane will go. But he won't come back to the team until much later in the season. Hence the Spurs trying to tap up another striker

The AIA cup is their sponsor's cup. Kinda like how Audi do their Cup for Bayern Munich and the teams that Bayern invite

Soldado celebrated his 30th birthday with his teammates. Why is Jan rocking that white shirt with tie? Why is Lamela seduced by all outfits that are tight and white?

Spurs got their images projected on the bridge

Huh. Look at Lloris

Chelsea in the Far East

I want to say Bangkok, but I'm not so sure

I reaallllly hate the shoulder stripes on the adidas shirts. So FUG. It ruins the lines

Man City is doing North America

Man City played in Canada

Much better than wanting cake, Toure

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers, corrections, commentary pushback- y'all know the drill! Sorry, I need to leave so can someone/anyone just do the tags - or else they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks!
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