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Chatter from the sidelines


Chelsea is going with a different sponsor for next season.

Chelsea supporters turn out for their team bus parading the trophy. It was Spring bank holiday yesterday, so it made sense

The rest of the pictures have Costa, Terry and Fabegras- no, I can't deal with their faces so early this morning.

Better this than a close up

Middlesbrough 0 - 2 Norwich
The Smoggies vs the Canaries - they turned out yesterday and the winner- got a windfall of £130m to get into the PL. The loser- they get the ticket sales at the match to take the sting out of the loss. To summarise- the Canaries slotted two goals in the first fifteen minutes, and then shut up shop after that with good defending and just overwhelming the midfield. Seriously, the game was over for the Smoggies in fifteen minutes and they spent the next sixty five minutes looking lost. Now the pictures!

Bamford only had ONE touch in forty minutes. The lad got no service from midfield, and had to fall back. Looked as if he were flagging sixty minutes in

Anatomy of a goal. Redmond was on fiyaaah, y'all

Man of the match was that damned crossbar. Throw back its head and laughed, going, "You fools, I AM THE GOD OF THE GOAL

Middlesbrough tried at times. At. Times. Probably.

The Norwich keeper be like - "LOLZ" because he was relatively unbothered during the game. Seriously!

Redmond be like, "We coming for you, PL." The league squints, Clint Eastwood style and goes, "Again?"

Cam Jam's shot cut so hard, they thought he was a deejay. Hot knife through the butter of Smoggies defence, and whatever other metaphors you want to use

Delia Smith- remember her iconic cry, "We'll be 'aving yah!" For those who don't know who she is- before there was a Jamie Oliver, there was a Delia Smith. She had one of the first cooking shows on British TV, and her books on cooking range from the sublimely simple (How To Boil An Egg) to dishes that aren't so simple, but not so complicated either. Her website for her recipes is here. She's majority share owner of Norwich

Stephen Fry showed up to show his support. Norwich will be the only team from the East in the PL. It's going to be a PITA getting to the match ground. They are off major motorways, iirc. I went camping in that area some years ago. Norwich isn't rural per se but it's not bright lights, big city either. It's easier to get to Swansea- and Swansea isn't even in England!


Norwich fans were singing for the entire game.

Bamford says goodbye to his Chelsea chance. I wonder if he'll stay with the Smoggies or be send on another loan

There can only be one - Highlander style. This is why I stopped watching Championship playoffs. I followed Derby one year (my friend's a Rams supporter) and when they lost the playoffs, the fans were GUTTED. It's terrible, your heart is torn, emotions twisted and ripped apart- because it's the hope that kills you, the glimpse of a chance- and for the Smoggies, they just... didn't show up.

Delia Smith - no food service, just getting the Champers on!

Yes you are, Delia, yes, you are. Now I'm going to cook your lamb tagine today for celebration

Alex Neil has been credited for the turn around in the club's fortunes and play style. He demands that they be serious, no hats in changing rooms, and when interviewed, he comes across as a cagey, brusque workman type of bloke. Like he could take you on in a fight, but sly enough to punch you in the junk just to end the fight. It's nice to see another British manager in the English top flight (Scotsman)

Success. Welcome to the PL boys, Hope you stay awhile!

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers, corrections, overlooked news and commentary pushback - you know the drill!
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