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last PL games of 2014/2015

Match pics: no gossip today
A round up of the best pictures on the last day of the PL match ups. Due to the volume, and the fact that I missed everything- commentary will be minimal

Summary of match results. Hull and Burnley are relegated, LFC got a shellacking, and Spurs move up to 5th place

Stoke 6 -1

LFC's result gave Sterling and his agent much needed ammunition in the agent/club talks, tbh.

Stoke have been not so quietly going about things this season. They bossed up Spurs, took the battle to Chelsea and trounced LFC. They don't play to the shirts, but the teams!

I hope the fans ask for a refund, NGL

I didn't watch the match yesterday - went rambling in an area where I had no reception, so imagine my surprise when internet came back and my phone started shaking like a fever. Stoke 5- in the first 20 minutes. I LOL'd remembering Rodgers' comment that any team could play defensive football

Coutinho tried, but with Stoke overrunning the midfield, his powers would be blunted

LOL, still laughing

*Flips lid closed on Steven's five month open wake* Enjoy your new adventure, Stevie! Rodgers is doing a Poyet in not resigning but hoping that he gets fired so that he can get more money!

Everton 0 -1 Spurs

I don't know how Coco Lamela gets himself in these situations...

That being said, Lamela has been playing well for the past four games. He's doing less and accomplishing more. I don't know what Pochettino is saying to him, but it's working

Yesterday was a day of goodbyes, Sylvan Distain said one of 'em. He's leaving Everton on a free

Pochettino and Martinez having a talk in the dugout. As mangers, their seasons have been mixed. For both men, this was their first time in Europa as well as managing their domestic commitments. In defence of both (especially Martinez) they come away with lessons of learning to rotate, and will learn treat Europa like a marathon instead of a sprint.

Everton players came out for the last lap of the ground of the season. They finish the season in 11th place. Their Europa jaunt 'killed' their form, but Martinez is raring to go on the continent again

Dier's cross set up Kane's header for the only goal in the match. He's scored about 30 goals this season, 21 in domestic competition. He's off to Euro U21s and Pochettino is giving him an extended holiday, so Spurs won't see him until much later in the season. Pochettino needs to find another forward

I think I preferred their old kit

Chelsea 3 - 1 Sunderland

Chelsea won!

Medals abound

I don't have time for Chelsea, but always have time for Drogba! King! He's played his last match for Chelsea.

So has Cech. Mourinho will miss him, I'm sure. But Cech wants and needs more

Didier hoisted by his teammates one last time. John Terry played in every game this season. Ironman

Man City 2- 0 Southampton

Another goodbye- Lampard got the Captain's band for Man City, and cinched a classic Lampard goal

Aguero not to be outdone, got that poaching

Hart and Zabeleta showing some love on the pitch. Joe, what would Jack say?!

Southampton's goal scorers really petered out towards the tail end of this season. The 6-1 result against Villa not withstanding. All credit to Southampton, after losing their supposedly best players, and coach, people expected them to struggle, but Koeman was never going to be a bad choice, was he? And Southampton is where the likes of Bale, Walcott, Ox and the rest are from, so they were never going to be short of good players. The rumours of their expected demise were very much exaggerated

That being said, with them in sixth place (!), they can still qualify for Europa league if Aston Villa win. I know who I'll be lighting a candle for

Kun wins the golden boot. Deserved

Newcastle 2- 0 West Ham

What a year it's been for Guiterrez! Battled and won against his cancer, now saved his team from relegation. This is also his last game for Newcastle. Say goodbye and God bless

Carver is set to retain his coaching position. I... guess? The Newcastle and Sunderland rivalry continue

West Ham already fired their manager before the match, so this game was going to be a loss. Big Sam has already moved out of the apartment, and is off!

Crystal Palace 1- 0 Swansea

Swansea lost their match, but they had a barnstormer of a campaign this season!

Jazz Richards (Swansea lad) is rumoured to be leaving the club

Jack Cork (formerly of Chelsea, and Southampton now a Swansea player) did his job

Montero and Ward do the tango

Chamankc (I know I spelt that wrong) of Palace scored the only goal

Leon Britton's last match for the club. He's been with them through the various leagues. A real 'started from the bottom now we're here' story

Crystal Palace do their lap of honour. Under Pardew, they've gone from being under the kosh re: relegation to the top half of the table. MFEO, Pardew+ CP

Arsenal 4 -1West Brom

Wenger showing us how to wear the red, white and blue without it looking like a costume

Walcott started the match, did a hat trick

That being said, West Brom is safe from relegation, they can fight another day

Hull City 0- 0 Man U

Poor hull. They had chances this season, but didn't take advantage of them at all

Fellani got send off for stamping on a Hull player, leaving United down with 10 men

McShane had to get stitches. I'm surprised that they didn't shave the area though?

Red. *insert Taylor Swift lyrics here*

Aston Villa 0 - 1 Burnley

Ings got his scalp and his final goal for Burnley. He's really leaving in the summer

Vlarr is supposedly wanted by Tim Sherwood, so he might stay, we'll see!

Jack Grealish, 2nd from left in action. It seems that he has a gay following (I found this out by accident). They have closeups of his legs and bulge on various tumblr websites, Tom of Finland style

Grealish is still thinking of which country to declare. Ed ONeill (Irish coach) has been pretty scathing in the media because Tim Sherwood said that he wouldn't tell Grealish which side to choose, but asked him to focus on Aston Villa first- you know- his DAY JOB?! Sherwood has been in the position of players asking him re: which country to declare for, as in Bentaleb of Spurs. He's French born, but of Algerian ancestry, and supposedly turned to Sherwood for advice. Sherwood told him to go with the country he was more emotionally tied to, but again, asked him to focus on his club duties first because without club duties you can't play for country. Fair!
Leicester City 5- 1 QPR

Vardy got his first England call up, his team have made the great escape, and it's just been a thrilling year

I hope Puma do them better outfits next season

I love the Leicester blue!

Esteban Cambiasso speaks better English than I thought. The club and supporters love him and want him to stay. He wants to have a holiday and think on it. I think a relegation fight must have worn on him, but he's been class

Charlie Austin might move on from QPR. I think once they get rid of the Harry Redknapp malaise and clear the books of overpaid and under motivated players, they can come back to the PL. I trust in Chris Ramsey

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers, corrections or commentary pushback you know the drill. Another season is over! Thank you so much for looking, commenting, pushing back when I went beyond the pale, and accepting apologies after I reflected and understood the error of my ways. Due to the minimal activity after this, the posts will be shorter and pictures scarcer. I'm following the Euro U21s so you might see those. Any transfer window scandals, I'll break curfew and post those too. Again mods, can I have a club: sunderland and club: leicester tag? Thanks
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  • Wednesday!

    News ⏰ TUESDAY'S RESULTS ⏰ Goals, comebacks, drama ✅ 🔝 Best performance? #UCL— UEFA Champions…

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