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news round up


MSN vs BBC- who did it better?

New meme

What Barcelona players wore on their match to Madrid

Match pictures

Barcelona lining up for their match against Atletico Madrid. Atleti has had a bad record against Barcelona - would it change?

Enrique and Simeone hugging before the match. I'll give it to Simeone, he seems to be someone who respects his fellow coaches

The match was the usual Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona match ups, tbh. Spirited and fast

A lot of shoving


Two LFC ex men. Back when Liverpool had a manager who could seek out talent

Barcelona won. 1-0.

Messi got that goal in. ATM had no answer, and Barcelona won the title. Their first since 2013. Congratulations to Enrique. Title, and now a CL final? His place for next season must be assured

Real Madrid won their match yesterday, but no titles this year

Premier League

A cliché, but true, this was a game of two halves

Herrera FINALLY getting his due. Six goals with the spotty season he's had, with LvG mistrusting him for a long while

Herrera gets his shot off

Even though DeGea will leave, at least Man United have two Spaniards who are enjoying their time at the club

What a block, Phil Jones!

Take a good look at Falcao. He's gone. Not even Mendes can save him

Like Ronaldo, DeGea be out of there to Real Madrid. Can't wait for the Real Madridistas to crap on DeGea's Man U experience like they do with Ronaldos. I'm a neutral re: Man U, and I'm already girding my loins on their behalf. The PL polishes the players, and Real Madrid and Barca come and take them away. One less star in the PL. *sigh*.

After the match yesterday (Man U 1- 1 Arsenal) Rooney took his son out for a spin. One of them he says, likes the ball, the other isn't interested

Swansea vs Man City

Okay! This game. It was weighted in importance. If City won, they'd avoid the Champions League playoffs, if Swansea won, or even drew, they'd be still within a shot for Europa places. Monk walked back his comments on Europa saying that he'd be up for it. But word is, he wanted to deepen his side first.

Milner showed his skill set - and the City fans what they'll be missing when he leaves. Pellegrini wants him, but Milner doesn't want to be a sub, or playing in anywhere but the midfield

Swansea got stuck in

Unfortunately for them, Yaya Toure woke up on the right side of the bed and said, "You know, I have cake, I think I'm going to score goals today."

Silva be working. I long for him to give an interview in English, but that isn't going to happen, huh?

Mah boo's goal was offside. Kun be like "U MAD."

Swansea's team is solid, they tried to defend, and attack, but City seriously decided to show up yesterday. Goddamn it

Bony, formerly of Swansea scored his goal, and did the whole, "Baw I'm sorry I scored against my old team so I will not celebrate out of respect and my bad" schtick that's been going around for a while. Stop it! You are a professional, your ties are with the club you're with. Drop it like it's hot, son!

Shout out to Hart for making dem quality saves. Man City need to shore up their defence this summer. It's been horrendous this year

It's the last home game for Swansea, so the players did their lap of honour with their families (I'll do the whole lap of honour for all the teams in a post round up later on this month. Remind me).

Garry Monk, who's garnered plaudits from the likes of Pellegrini, Pardew and Wenger, and is seen as a genuine contender for coach of the year, waves to the supporters. That's one of his twin boys in his arm. Ginger, poor thing

OMG, Gomis' son is a cutie!

OP: and done! Any cheers, jeers, corrections, overlooked news and commentary pushback, you know the drill. Alas, I will be away from the computer, so any glaring corrections will have to wait.

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