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Europa league

Chatter from the sidelines


Argentine player who hit his head against a wall, got a double skull fracture and succumbed to his injuries


There was a woman's champions league final yesterday. I really wish that UEFA had trumpeted this a bit louder. Like, get obnoxious with it and the overwraught narratives like the men's game. As it is, I can't find much pictures or video, so I'm going to assume that the match never happened.

A better trophy would be good too

Dnipro won their match against Napoli, so they are on to the Europa final. Might they be in CL next year? Exciting?

River plate and Boca Juniors played yesterday. The atmosphere was festive

Maidana and Perez challenge for the ball. The match was keenly contested, then supporters started to pepper spray

Faces washed

Rodrigo Mora seeks the cover of police shields as the match was abandoned

OP: done. Any cheers, jeers and commentary pushback, y'all know the drill. I'll be out and about, so any corrections will have to wait, tbh. Wait, there are no tags for River Plate? How come?
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