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champions league semi final (second leg)

Chatter from the sidelines

I'm keeping these short

The second leg was held at Bayern Munich's home stadium - it's too early in the morning for me to attempt to spell it. "One city, one dream"

The fans welcomed the teams. The atmosphere electric. Would miracles be wrought tonight?

This cup has seen more palms than a fortune teller, let me tell you, internet.

Bayern drew first blood

Eight minutes later, Neymar clapped back

Love The Daily Mail's collage!

Barcelona has the highest scoring forward trio in its history on the field right there. About 107 goals amongst them (I know people use 'between' here, but that makes no grammatical sense!)

Finally, Messi and Guardiola catch up. Messi, who hasn't done press conferences for two years, showed up at this one to say nice stuff about Pep

Bayern fought, showed spirit, the words 'gallant' and 'resolve' were thrown around. They won the battle, but lost the war. Good, I was getting bored with the Alonso "OMG, will he get THREE CLS WITH THREE DIFFERENT CLUBS narrative that was going around. Not this year



Brothers hugging

Messi clapping at the end of the match

Bayern's defending was well. Both teams were off the boil defending wise

Oh, what could have been! Stergen (?) stopped the ball from going straight over the line

Another view

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers and commentary pushback you know the drill. I gotta dash, so later!
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