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Arsenal 0 -1 Swansea

This is what happened last night. Goal technology for yo' ass

Swansea- where Arsenal, Spurs and Southampton cast offs go to rejuvenate their careers- and how! Fabianski was in fine fettle last night. Oh, papí

Gomis has done an about face in recent months. In January, he said that he wanted to leave the club (since Bony was doing a big money to move to City- which hasn't gone well) but Monk talked him off the ledge, and he's learned a bit more English, and giving more and getting more

Well done to Swansea! It's well known that Garry Monk wants to do Europa (praise- but like any Spurs fan will tell you, Europa gets real old, real quick). Swansea under Monk are a point off Southampton. If Spurs and Southampton lose their last matches, Swansea might move into sixth place!

Fabianski be on that LINE! He was deemed man of the match due to his constant saves

Goal line technology, mates

LOL and true. But sorry, let me speak a few words on Garry Monk. A former Swansea player, he played for the club from their journey in League 1 to Division 1 to Premier League. He's played under Martinez, Rodgers and Laudrup. His 'philosophy' seems to be more pragmatism than say possession or flair. One of the reasons might be the fact that Swansea tends to get players who are surplus to requirements at clubs like Southampton (Cork), Spurs (Glyfsson), Arsenal (Fabrianski) who come to Swans to get playing time, or to resurrect their careers. In addition, they tend to keep an eye out for European talent in smalls clubs that aren't probably good enough for the sky six teeams, and he brings them in and trains them up to the standard. I know that he's flown under everyone's radar this season (although I've been telling people to keep an eye on the Swans), but Wenger is right when he said that Monk should be manager of the year. He's done and gained so much with so little (in terms of transfer budgets, etc). I expect great things from Monk in the future.

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers, commentary pushback, you know the drill! Oh, and if someone could do the missing tags in this post... Thank you!
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