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Okay, y'all are going to have to indulge me for a bit- or tell me to gtfo- any response will do, tbh- but I need to speak to you about Patrick Bamford and Middlesbrough. Bamford used to be a Nottingham forest player *ugly sobbing here* who got wooed by the vile charms of Chelsea- and he's on loan to Middlesbrough, who's managed by a former assistant of Jose Mourinho called Aitor Karanka (Special K). Now, Mourinho is a strange soul, in that if he likes you and thinks that you have potential as a player, coach or whatever, he'll help you out no problem. But if you get on the same level as him, he'll cut you dead. So for Special K, he's loaned a few Chelsea academy talents, and Bamford- lovely, lovely Bamford the one who was wooed away- is one of them

Middlesbrough is the middle of the Championship playoffs, the final two teams go to Wembley and the one who wins, gets a PL place, and Bamford with his talent is giving them a shot at goals so to speak?

Brentford boss Warburton is in a strange place. The club has told him that even if he gets Brentford to the PL, he's still going to go at the end of the season. The owner is taking a page out of Red Bull's book in that once the team reach a new level, they look for the manager at that level

So jp, I hear you all say, where's the lad then? Here! He is here! His feet are gorgeous! The Notts Forest fan in me (Nottingham Forest are magic!) cries for what could have been (he even attended a local school- okay a posh local school) so he's one of the young 'uns I hope Chelsea doesn't loan out to the point where he loses his way with a loan too many, you know? The lad is QUALITY!

Seriously, it's not white boy thirst (um... no, he's a bit of a toff) just hella talented. I watch him and I like him, I do

Blllluuuueeeee hiss! Blue!

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, leave in comments. I'm going to be away for most of the day though - unfortunately, I have to go clothes shopping, I hate clothes shopping. I might also go to Ikea for some containers. Anyway! MODS, hear my cry- I need a Napoli fc tag because LJ is rejecting this one! Also, readers, read me- can you PLEASE tag this post - because I need to go!
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