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champions league semi final (first leg)

Chatter from the sidelines

social media

Lionel Messi. Simply the best. Ever.

twitter got into it

Boateng was like...
Other memes are here


The narrative around this game was of Guardiola coming home. He left Barcelona under a cloud before he slinked off into his sabbatical.

Former teammates, now opposing coaches of world famous football sides, what a life, eh?

MSN-and others

Alonso's form done slinked off at Christmas and hasn't come back.

Raktick ?- was on the ball. His midfield presence was commanding. That first half... whew, I can't tell the last time I enjoyed a game more. Thrilling!

Messi came to play and conquer last night. Whew!

Neuer made some key saves

Some lads hugging it out. Blah blah blah boring narrative, two brothers in opposing sides. One side got flattened

Mueller wasn't a happy bunny- at being subbed?

Wait... Schweinsteiger was on the field last night? Where?!

Messi was hot as fish grease last night

Messi stared down Neuer and charged- yo, what's this about Götze being better than Messi though? IN WHAT UNIVERSE?! What are people smoking--- and where can I get some?!

Neymar should have gotten another yellow for that dive though. But whatever! Barcelona won!

Jump, jump juuuuump for my love!

Neuer had some great saves



The great wall of Neuer was in effect in the first 45 mins

Neuer did his job, but Bayern did a Spurs last night. *looks around* I'll get my coat.

This is a great picture

The best.

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and pushback you know the drill. I'm out. Voting today, working tonight, the usual. Peace!
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