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weekend news (and matches)

Chatter from the sidelines


Xavi Hernandez played his 500th match for his team

Same thing for Gerrard. People were comparing their achievements and laughing at Gerrard, but I think he'd probably glad that after twenty five years, the truth about Hillsborough and his cousin is coming to light (he got emotional about it last year). I got the feeling that once that happened, he'd leave. Just sad that it has to be like this. Not like this. So yeah, no snark from me- I'll even give him a pass on his form yesterday.

Xavi and Gerrard

Fernando Torres played his 700th game as a professional footballer this week. Gave a shout out to his supporters on his facebook page

Tito lives in people's hearts


All the games yesterday had a minute of silence for the victims of the Bradford fire.
Southampton 2- 2 Spurs

I didn't watch this match. From what I gathered, both sets of fans sang 'you're shit, Gareth Bale left because you were shit' (irony, much?)

The one time I didn't watch a game, mah boo Lamela scored. I'm in love with the Coco

Anyway, to me Spurs and Saints are pretty much on the same level (congratulations to Saints for being proactive re: their change of fortunes although their fans are extra salty- like a saltine cracker salty). Spurs need to work on defensive matters in the preseason. Anyway, we move on. It's a big post

Man City 3 - 2 Villa

Again, observing a moment of silence

Mah other Argentine boo, Kun.

Guzan made a terrible mistake, Aguero punished him for it

I was throwing side eye at the audience in the match. After the moment of silence, the grounds were quiet right? The sides cagey, the atmosphere tense. The song everyone joins in to sing? How Gerrard slipped on his arse? I just... he isn't even on the grounds, boo. LOL and SMH

Benteke's goal got disallowed. Boo

West Brom 0 - 0 LFC

That's... the match. Really.

This says it all. When even Liverpool echo is all - good pictures, but bad match. You know things are dire.

Leicester 1 - 0 Burnley

The Foxes move off the bottom table. They're a team local to my area, so I'm happy

Next season, I wish everyone stronger defences, and recees pieces. Okay, not Recees pieces, they're terrible.

General round ups
Sorry about this, but there are not much pictures in my neck of the woods

Dortmund begin their ascent. I think they're in eighth place now

I assume Bayern won. I won't go any further

Before the match

Inter won their match yesterday 2- 1 against Roma. I love the kit.

I do try to follow the WSL, especially since a couple of my local teams are in it (heeyyyy Magpies). The ladies go hard, headbutting and all of that. The Man City player had to apologise for headbutting an arsenal player. SMH, you can't go around headbutting people! Jill Scott got a deserved 3 game ban! But them Man City players in the WSL though... a strange lot, they are

OP: done. Off to another city. If I have time today, I'll try and add to the pictures
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