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Chatter from the sidelines


Poldi had a kid. Who knew?

Klopp still getting them social media mentions

More Klopp

Yeah, I'm really going to miss these nike training kits. Love the stripe that runs over the shoulders and stops at the elbow

Tell 'em

Wolfsburg 1 - 4 Napoli

Higuain on it

I... what?

Wolfsburg didn't do too well

Well, there's always the league

It was Rafa's birthday last night. I'm sure that he didn't celebrate it though. He's not one for sentiment, it seems

FC Sevilla 2 - 1 Zenit

Sevilla were 1-1 until a volley by one of their players got them the winning match point

The match seemed to be even stevens more or less

Dynamo 1- 1 Fiorenta

I didn't watch this match. Sorry, but the match report said that Fiorenta got flummoxed by Dynamo's flair

NYCFC 1 - 1 Philadelphia Union
match report here. If They can't be arsed with pictures and results, neither can I

OP: done! Any cheers, jeers and commentary pushback, y'all know the drill!
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