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Champions League!

Chatter from the sidelines

Round up of articles with Jurgen Klopp (mostly in English, from English newspapers, and you're welcome to contribute links of your own in any language.


Klopp's press conference.

Sad. When I started following Europe, Klopp and Simeone were 'new' and 'exciting' names that were being whispered in the forums. The Dortmund and Atletico Madrid fans had a spring in their step, and a belief akin to Witnesses knocking on your door

Dortmund supporters were in a funk yesterday. Dortmund finally convinced me to give Bundisliga a try because of Klopp! Will miss you, big man! An era is over

LOL, sorry still laughing

You couldn't make it up

Back to work. I can't remember which Bayern coach made the comment I want to say-Heynckes ? Anyway, he said that teams like Dortmund tried to assail Bayern's dominance, and that they lasted only two or three years as runners up, they can't win, so they fall apart in the end.

Champions League
Porto 3- 1 Bayern

Porto did well. Olivier Torres- I was impressed by the lad. Atlético Madrid loanee, eh?

Martinez and Torres celebrate

A true FML face

Who's this lumpy faced creature?

Oh, whoops

So, Alonso's form went missing around December, and is having an extended holiday somewhere NICE, with a fruity drink and hot men and women- because its sexuality is fluid- because it still hasn't come back. I saw this goal - Alonso pretty much went missing, and Martinez is a guy that will catch you slipping.

I really need for the captain being the only one to speak to ref to come on now, thanks. No crowding the ref! Gosh. I'd hate Platini a LOT less if he actually brought that rule in. Only captains to speak to the ref, the ref to be miked up, and the rest of the players falling the HELL back

PSG 0 - 3 Barcelona

Luiz showed why Chelsea are still pissing themselves with laughing that they got £50 million for his services from PSG

Suarez was on fire. Got 2 goals

There be... nah, I won't say it

Oh, David

Neymar and Messi don't get half the fanfic written about them like you think they would, but then you look at them and go, this is where reality is bigger and better than feverish imagination

Neymar got the first goal. He's looking pretty bulked up and manly, and less like Bambi

Liverpool Hillsborogh

Twenty six years ago, 96 fans left for a football match to Hillsborough and didn't come back. The Sun and the Thatcher government covered up... a lot of things. After years of pushing for justice, there's an inquiry, and the inquiry isn't over. Most football clubs put away the rivalry for one day and show solidarity to LFC

Gerrard and Jagielka release balloons in the sky

An image of that day. The others are too harrowing to post

Manchester United sent out a missive of support.

Once a year, the relatives of the deceased come to Anfield, LFC, and the players - past and present come to share the moment

It's pretty important, almost sacred. There was a goalie at LFC who laughed and chatted when the moment was observed, and he got moved out of the club sharpish

More of the LFC players with relatives of the 96

Both teams - ladies and mens as well as the academy talents are mandated to come and show support

The faces of those 96 who never came back from a football match

Steven Gerrard grew up in the shadow of the tragedy, as his cousin, Jon Paul was killed in the crush. He's given money to the charity, and shows up every year and every new player in the dressing room knows how important this day is.


USMNT 2 - 0 Mexico

Jordan Morris scored his first goal for his first cap as a USMNT player

Nike really shat the bed with this kit. It's terrible

So Yeldin is back with the USMNT, huh? Interesting

Dos a cero is supposed to be a big deal. I don't know why

OP- and done! Any cheers, jeers and commentary pushback, you know the drill!
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