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Champions League!

Atletico Madrid 0- 0 Real Madrid

Spanish fans, and the Spanish FA not giving two tosses, what's new? Antiblackness in Europe, again, what's new?

Watching this match, I see why Mourinho craves Varane and allegedly wants him at Chelsea. Varane was working, doing his JOB- and how!

Atletico Madrid started this match terribly. Their goal keeper made six saves in the first half. Six! I hope Simeone bought him a drink. Anyway, this is James' attempt at a goal kick. An attempt was made

It was an ugly, brutal match. Elbows and teeth. Blood was shed. Yes. Football demands sacrifice. Marcelo was so good

Turin was no slouch either. His hold up, dribbling, body strength- let me stop, OMG

Bale tried it. I read that he had surgery to pin back his ears as soon as he got some money. Okay, but what about his hair though? Nah, I'll stop ragging on him, he's grown on me- like a fungus. The English media are trying to get people to cheer for Real Madrid because Bale is the last British player left in the competition. People throw back their head, laugh and say 'No'

Mandz got elbowed, and bitten by Real Madrid players. Yes, bitten! Caravajal? Anyway, some Real Madrid supporters were defending the biting - "At least he's not as bad as Suarez?" This is where I ask- were you all born in a barn? Biting isn't acceptable! Ever!

In my eyes, Sergio Ramos is the true captain of Real Madrid. Also, I think him and Alberto Moreno must have decided to get the same hair cut talking over Skype or something. Why it looking like a surgical scar though?

So. Much. Head(ers).

Attacks blunted on both sides

Real Madrid, smarting from the seven times they've met Atletico Madrid and unable to defeat them, came with tonnes of testosterone today

My MOTM right here. A good goal keeper can save your house, marriage, and this case, Champions League chances

Sums up the match, really


Juventus 1- 0 Monaco


Pirlo, statesman of the game, claps for the fans

The grand dame of Serie A had her subjects turn out in their finery

The atmosphere expectant, jubilant, for she demands no less

Her soldiers take their picture

Tevez high on his successful penalty

Buffon tested but not beaten

Missive of his deeds sent far and wide into the twittersphere

Pirlo did his work

Ouch at that ink

Claudio laid out by Yannick

When on his feet, Marchisio did damage.

Looking at the Nike kit for the last time. They'll be moving to Adidas this season

OP: done! Cheers, jeers and commentary pushback, you know the drill! Question, can anyone give me hints in developing language listening skills for my Spanish listening? I'm crap right now. Thanks!
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