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FA Cup: Liverpool 1 -0 Blackburn

Child, he's going to go. So let it goooo

Liverpool and Blackburn met before, and left 0-0. Rodgers blamed the Anfield pitch, but the Blackburn pitch was even bobblier so

Lucas Levia, on a break from injury, featured for the team last night

Alberto Moreno has gotten quite the run out since his arrival in the PL. His form has flickered over the season, but young players do flicker in form, that's why players at 26-29 seem to command handsome fees, because they have their feet under them

The first half of the game was slow, blunted, and Blackburn seemed to have us sussed (not hard, mind)

Coutinho was working

Found a sliver of space in the stretch of time, and BAM! Shooting boots on! The goal was tight, if you find a gif, trust me, it's worth the watch

Well deserved, Couts!

Migs did a good job. I think him and Lloris probably need to sit down and commiserate. "If we only had good defence!"

The Blackburn goalie Simon Eastwood --- can LFC buy him as a striker? I mean, what?

OPERATION: GET STEVIE TO WEMBLEY is still on task, over. Still. On. Task.

Gif of Mignolet's save. I have something to say about the future use of gifs in this post, but more on that anon

Coutinho's goal was tight, tight. It could have easily gone out than in. Magic.

Moreno's form has been (understandably) getting a slating recently. But the fans still stand by him though, so he threw his shirt into the stands

Send congratulations to Hendo. His wife had a baby the night before the match. From what I gathered, it was touch and go if he'd get to the match. "As soon as the baby is out," Hendo told Rodgers. "I'll be there." I didn't even know that he was married, and had a daughter, now two! I'll say this for Rodgers, he won't hold it against Hendo. When Xabi Alonso decided to blow off a match to stay with his then girlfriend - now wife- for the birth of their first child, Benitez lost his sh*t. Alonso offered to come on the first thing smoking, (I want to say the match was in Italy) and Benitez told him to forget it, because his commitment was suspect. Ahhh Rafa, I wonder if he's mellowed a bit. Rumour has it that Rafa might be coming to Manchester City in August.

Dfb Pokal

Bayern won on penalties. Big whoop. I hate penalties and everything they choose to be

The match was 0-0. I hear it wasn't that great (reading the match reports), but a win is a win is a win

Neuer made a save. Full throated twitter approval about him being the best goalkeeper in the World!!!11

This might be it? Idek

When they realised they won. Bah, hate penalty shootouts

The rest of the pictures are of people I can't be arsed to comment on. So we leave this here. The next opponent? Dortmund, so they can run this tired 'klassiker' narrative into the ground. All right then

I do want to make a joke about stuff, but community sensitivities, so I'll refrain

Napoli 0 -1 Lazio

Napoli couldn't find the magic. Lazio found a goal

Still not feeling this kit. Nope

Klose (not pictured) scored the only goal in an otherwise even match, I read

Gif of goals. Actually, there's a movement from certain sports stations concerning the legality of gifs, especially during live matches. So I might be impinging on copyright here, or I might not. It's a matter that's becoming blurred and fraught

Rayo 0 -2 Real Madrid

Real Madrid came, saw and got three points. Ronaldo got a yellow card for simulation. He's gotten undeserved penalties, so an undeserved yellow is a balance. Suck it up, princess with your eyebrows on fleek. Bale got a yellow for a terrible tackle, and Kroos got a yellow because I can't remember. I didn't tarry once Real got two goals in three minutes after the first half of the match. I'm sure the Real Madridstas will fill you all in. I'm pretty sick of the bickering on my tumblr/twitter timeline over Casillas must be protected at all costs (say what now? From whom? Any player who dares to eclipse him is vanquished. Are we forgetting Diego Lopez) and how Cristano Ronaldo is the best evahhh and England and English football didn't appreciate his greatness and the rest of the England bashing (because Man United dared to play him as an AM?). So, I've moved from disliking Madrid to now just having a personal fatwa against the club- I'll try and avoid posting anything from Real from now on because to wade through fan comments like that just to get to pictures, news etc is annoying. On top of that, you can't reason with a Madridista, at all. They are worse than Chelsea fans- and that takes some doing. They are like this in both Spanish and English speaking forms- mad.
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