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I. Just. Why?

Aston Villa 3- 3 QPR

Aston Villa and QPR, interesting narrative. Both teams are facing relegation, both teams are headed by former Spurs coaches. Ramsey (QPR) is desperate for win, and Sherwood, after his sacking from Spurs (before they tapped up Pochettino has something to prove

The match was pretty exciting. Although damn it, I wish English teams would get back to defence. We used to defend! I'm cautiously optimistic at the uptick of defenders being snapped up left, right and centre. We might see a bit more defence in next season's games. Please?

Zonal marking, man marking, Charlie Adaming- however you do it- mark somebody!

Tim Sherwood has his fair share of detractors (tap a Spurs supporter, ask them about Sherwood, prepare to have your ears pinned back) but you can't fault his enthusiasm. I wonder if he has all his coaching badges though?

Atletico de Madrid 2 - 0 Real Sociedad

First goal 10 mins in

Read an interesting, gossipy article about these two. They are pretty close. Greizmann has gone on record saying that Torres was his favourite player growing up, and how he'd do Torres's celebration. Torres has introduced him to his hairdresser, so you can blame Torres (indirectly) for Greizmann's barnet

Real Sociedad were pretty absent. Shame, because they've strengthened in spirit and resolve since Moyes took over

It's interesting to see what Torres has become under Simeone. At LFC, the teamplay was around him (in front, balls being fed to him), Chelsea... well. But Torres really works for Atletico- he harries, he presses, he'll link up... he's aged gracefully in the game, if that makes sense. Simeone has been good for him

When I switched over, La Real were two down, and it was just a matter of maintaing the lead. Granero had a chance with a freekick but it wasn't to be. Greizmann refrained from celebrating against his former club

Torres' hairdresser must be stopped! Seriously, this hair!

Dfb Pokal

Dortmund won a match yesterday. Imagine my surprise, when after the Sherwood-Ramsey standoff, I checked on Dortmund and saw the number 95'.

I said, "Self, isn't a match 90 minutes. Even with stoppage time, 95 is a bit much. Let's have a wander."

The match was 2-2, and one side had to go big and the other go home

The camera panned to Sahrin and Hummels...
[A Reus picture was here, but it really shouldn't have been. My bad]

Kehl brought it home for the lads, and there was an interesting article I read about Klopp and parallels to Pochettino, but this is not the place to get into it. Not yet

Klopp doffs his hat to the crowd

Coppa Italia Juventus 3 - 0 Fiorentina

Fiorentina's fairytale came to an end

By all accounts, Juventus gave an assured performance. Virtuoso, even

Goals everywhere

OP: done. Any cheers, jeers and pushback... I'm still busy this week, so notes on a postcard and all that. Seriously
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