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Chatter from the sidelines


That lad on the left is the back up keeper for Stoke. It's rumoured that Bejovic might be leaving Stoke this summer, so they cancelled this lad's loan (don't ask me his name), extended his contract for four more years, and now, we wait

Idek if I like the Nike kit for England at all. Harry Kane looking like he bout to drop the mix tape of 2015

I... idek. Anyway, Jan might be leaving Spurs this summer

Kroos had some interesting things to say about the Spanish media the other day. About how they are as fickle as a weather vane. Oh, the shade

Johnny Kills (that's what they used to call him at Chelsea) got Manchester United's player of the month

TIL- Rooney calls him marijuana mata? I... idek

International week is over, football resumes this weekend... and I will be away. Sad times. Greizmann's hair gets blonder than ever

back in... training, you guise?

And... I'm out!
OP: that's it! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback - you know the drill
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