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international friendlies (and news round up)

Chatter from the sidelines

Under 21s friendly England 3- 2 Germany

I've been following the U21s for reasons. Reasons being that my partner rages on about the lads in the group all the time. So the under 21s. Germany and most European countries use them to form the basis of their national teams. The German U21s in 2009 went on to win the WC in 2014. England's U21s from that time - only 1/3 of them are playing top flight football today

There are loads of reasons for England's woes. The flawed loan system, an undefined pathway from academy to first time play, the fact that clubs prefer to buy proven talent instead of given them a chance. In addition, when players are called up to the senior side, they don't return to the under 21s (like Tom Ince, but he's an idiot, NGL), which is why Harry Kane's desire to play for the U21s this summer is a BFD. Joe Hart (England first choice goalie) has encouraged Harry Kane to return as well, because he waxes poetic about his time in the squad, like a man with his first love. It also helps that this time around, the players seem to like playing under the coach, and Hodgson is of the mind that the players should be kept together as long as they can. Harry Kane is now cap tied to us, so he can go back in the U21s now, good lad after he plays today's friendly in the senior team

Twwwwweeeettt! and we're off. Germany comes out, teutonic fists swinging

There's talent in the German squad. Emre Can of the hair and alleged threesome showed up.

German second kit in the design of a famous Brazilian side - used to curry favour with the locals of the Brazilian place they were chilling back in 2014. My Brazilian friends were all, "OMG, they love us! They came bearing gifs and they're wearing the colours of X club." Embittered over my country's fortunes at the World Cup I muttered something along the lines of, "Huh, that's how colonialism started, we've been here before. Beware of Europeans bearing gifts." Then the Germans beat Brazil 7-1 ha, haaaaa!!!!

Germany got the first goal! Blighters! Woke the poms the heck up though.

Will Hughes glides across the field like an apparition. He looks like one too, shades of cream and gold and white

*peers over glasses* is that Jenkensen? Used to be an Arsenal guy, now at West Ham, and supposed to make his link there permanent

England struck back! like they remembered the war

James Ward-Prowse ... what a name! Anyway, Saints lad, I think he's the captain of the U21s- all over the pitch like... stink on a warthog. Yeah, although we have no warthogs

Redmond doing... a cheerleading split? Well... okay.

Saved our blushes, he did. Good lad, Redmond. Gooood lad

Phillip Hoffman (German lad) efficiency defined. Saw a space, and exploited it with a punishing blow. From 1-1 to 1-2. Nooo!!!

On top of that, Hoffman defended. Knew his job, carried out his job, however you said, 'Thou shalt not pass' in High German, he did

Ward-Prowse snuck in... and we did it lads! 3-2! Took it to the old enemy, we did! What? It was only a FRIENDLY? So I have to put the bunting and flags away? The match is in the summer you say? *sad trombone* So all this banter was for nowt? Oh.

OP: done. I had pictures of Qatar vs Slovenia but it was in an empty stadium (Qatar) and the pictures felt a bit sad. To snark would be a bit mean, tbh. ANYWAY! Cheers and jeers and corrections and pushback, you know the drill. I will be away but plan to be back for the England Italy friendly. More time!
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