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euros and friendlies all tied up with strings

Chatter from the sidelines


Spoof of Gerrard's move to the MLS


Score sheet for the matches played yesterday, March 28, 2015
No particular order, don't have pictures for all of the matches. UEFA has great overviews here

Kazakhstan 0-3 Iceland

Eidur Gudjohnsen returned to international football, scored a goal. He's now playing for Bolton Wanderers in the Championship side

Azerbaijan 2-0 Malta

I know 2 things about Azerbaijan- they sponsor Atlético de Madrid, and Argentina's San Lorenzo supposedly passed up their sponsorship when they were told that they couldn't have players of Armenian descent in their club. Papa Francis would be proud, guys.

Technically they are a part of Europe, but geographically, they look closer to Asia in my atlas.

All this to say, I know nothing, nothing, nooooothinggggg about Azerbaijan. Malta is where they filmed the first series of Game of Thrones. Queen Elizabeth II spent her first year as a newlywed in Malta when Prince Phillip was stationed there. Thank you, and let's move on

Croatia 5-1 Norway

Croatian coach led his team to a win

It's these guys- Mandz, Mordvic, and the guy who plays for Sevilla. So good team, I expect them to go far


Martin Odegaarrrrrrrrrddddddd showed up. All for nowt.

Czech Republic 1-1 Latvia

Looking at the score, you'd think the match was congested and grudging

Reading the match report, you might be right. Latvia got the first one, Pilar saved the Czech Republic's blushes

Israel 0-3 Wales

So, Bale played

Let's rewind and come again, as they say. The narrative going into this was that Bale's confidence was shot, Ramsey's form fair to middling - but more middling than fair

The thing with preordained narratives is - it doesn't all go that way? Ramsey and Bale did some sweet moves

Bale wasn't snakebit at all. But they do say that he plays for his country, and one of the reasons why he went to Real Madrid was that he wanted to win trophies in his professional career, since Wales isn't a football power (Rugby is the mainstay of the country

Ramsey scored the first goal, Bale scored the next two. I'm digging this Welsh kit, this is the one they should have been wearing from the jump

Credit to Gareth Bale, in that when he's called up to represent his country, he shows up. The grouse with Giggs (Man U) was that he was Welsh when it suited, and wouldn't show up for friendlies (important in FIFA rankings, because it just means you won't get dropped in the group of death in future match schedules). So the Welsh are happy and grateful for Bale, Ramsey and Ashley Williams (Swans) for showing up be it friendlies or competitions, as long as they are fit

So yeah, no snark from me today. I know of English footballers who feign injury not to get called up, not to bother wearing the shirt, and that's fine. If you don't feel it, don't bother to show up. So props to Bale, Ramsey and Williams who always do

Andorra 0-3 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Internets! Let me tell you, I didn't know that Edin Džeko was Bosnian! Did you know?

I know that Pjanic and Bejovich (sp?) were Bosnian, because I was cheering them on in the World Cup, But Dzeko?

I spat my tea when I saw him in the uniform. I was like, "Self what is he doing there?

Scored a hat trick!

Happy for them! Good luck to you, BIH!

Belgium 5-0 Cyprus

Kissy poo. The narrative is - Belgium has a young generation, from whom great things are expected. But can their coach harness their energies so that they can deliver?

Belgium players celebrate!

Well, the lads like each other. It's a BFD, believe

Bulgaria 2-2 Italy

The naturalised Italian scored! Éder

Seemed to be a rough and rumble match. I didn't watch it

Bulgaria gave as good as they got. I'm surprised by the score

Netherlands 1-1 Turkey

Netherlands eeked out a draw. The Saints are laughing, because Koeman is their coach, after the Dutch rejected him for Hiddinck. Suffer

Blind in action! Said that the PL has made him a better player, and that his father and himself have good conversations about football since he's making his own path. I'd like to get a Dutch jersey because orange is my favourite colour. It's so cheerful. I need to knit myself an orange jumper...

Turkey used to be a good footballing nation back in the early naughties. Come back, Turkey. Although I hear the heads grumbling about not wanting to be in UEFA?

Argentina 2 - 0 El Salvador

This match was a mess. They played the wrong anthem! Messi and Aguero didn't feature, the wind was ever present

Dobby got new clothes

Lavezzi be slipping

Argentina's new kit for the Copa America- kinda plain, no?

Angel in motion.

OP: Done! This post took longer than expected, and I have things to do before a hike, then the LFC charidee match that I paid my hard earned £1.00 for. Any cheers and jeers, hit me up. If I have time today, I'll include the other pictures (if I can find them!)
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