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Champions League!

Chatter from the sidelines

Monaco 3- 3 Arsenal (on aggregate): Monaco goes through because of away goals

A gallant effort, a noble defeat

Ozil exchanged shirts at half time. In the English game, it means that you've given up the ghost, checked out of the game, so this went down like a pork dish at... Ramadan

Monanco celebrates going through, Arsenal gets knocked out. I was rooting for the English coefficient!

SMH. It makes no sense to even post the goals because even though they came so far and tried so hard, in the end it didn't really matter

Ozil is having a moment

The definition of YYYAAAASSSS

Atlético Madrid 1-0 Bayer (3-2)

Diego Simeone held a press conference like an embattled politician of a republic yesterday. He told Atlético's fans to come and bring the noise, challenged them to be the twelfth man

There's been some gossip about how he doesn't feel that Mandzucich doesn't suffer enough for the team. Well, Mandz did that yesterday. Got a knock on the ankle fifteen minutes before half time, but Simeone couldn't risk his two subs because he already had to sub his keeper see? So he told Mandz to suck it up and play on, and Mandz did!

The match was pretty eventful! You see that goal keeper? Got a freak injury 20 mins in, felt his hammy go 'pop', held up his hand and said, "No more."

Suarez got the only goal in the match, in the first half. Bayer were strong, determined, and pressing

But Mario Suarez got in there.

Guardiola showed up for some hot man on man European action

Greizmann - I want to know what conditioners he uses because his hair seems to be in good nick

Torres came on in the 82nd minute. It was interesting, the narrative built around Atlético coming into this competition. They are behind in the league, Valencia and Sevilla are resurgent and breathing down their necks, Simeone is demanding stability (put his foot down when they wanted to sell on Mario Suarez, I hear), so this match was a MUST WIN for any chance of title glory!

It wouldn't be Atletico if they didn't get one card. To be fair, the match was spirited, and credit to the referee for it to play out, but stamping down on hotspots. I liked how he called the captains together and told the rest of the players to gtfo while he spoke with them

The match went into full time. Tie. Extra time. Tie. Extra time again. Still a tie. So, they came down to the dreaded penalty shoot out. The Germans don't lose penalty shootouts. The Calderon, normally teeming and frothing with noise, held its breath.

Torres' fairytale continues apace, as he cinched the win with a beautiful penalty kick. His first Champions League game with Atlético de Madrid. Nice that there are still happy endings in this world

Joy. Shock. Relief

Commiserating with the players who missed their kicks. Magnanimous in victory

Koke was a damned good captain. Showed vision, created key plays, and at the end, went over and consoled his opponent. Nice.

Oblak stepped into a situation that could have unmade him and grew as the match went on. Simeone might want to use him more now. Steady pair of hands

OP: done! Sorry about the lack of news, but the rumours are the same- Pogba might leave, Ronaldo is mad, Manchester United want Bale- so I'm going for the interesting rumours, savvy? Anyway, any cheers and jeers leave in the comments, and I'll amend. Thanks for reading
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