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Europa league

Chatter from the sidelines


Did you know Europa had a theme song? It sounds like an 80s soundtrack - Flash Gordon, or The Neverending Story Y/Y?

Cool illustration re: top teams in their respective leagues in Europe. Cool eh?

Social Media

Albero Moreno is in love with his bull terrier, Ali. I'm digging his sleeve, he finally got the ink done. I wonder if he'll fill it in?

Chelsea got teased in social media. Man, it's as if everyone decided to hate on Chelsea that day.

Bwahahahaha, I can't deal

LOL, seriously, I'm more neutral towards Chelsea than I should be, but I'm LOL'ing right now

LOL, all right, enough.

Match Pics
Match Pics
Everton 2- 1 Dynamo Kiev

In light of the news that the EPL is in danger of losing their 4th place in the CL to Italy - one club can change our fortunes.

I know, it will be hard for you and your merry band of brothers, Luke Garbott, but you are our only hope

It's time for Lukkakululululu to show that he's ready for a big club

For Martinez to show that he can steady the till of the ship

Go forth, and rend defences asunder, score goals

To battle, to fight

Every match, now a final

For Harry, England and St George, chaps! To gakk a quote from Spurs - (I know) to dare is to do, lads

Napoli 3- 1 Dinavo Moska
match thread here- you don't really get much of pictures and the such

Like an eight ball, Napoli came up from behind, from one down to a great upset

Higuan helped his team over the hump
Fiorentina 1 -1 Roma
Match report Keita heads charge as Roma thwart Fiorentina

What a kick. When it comes to pictures, Europea League is pants. If you have time and want to start clicking through the pictures look here
Wolfsburg 3 - 1 Inter milan

Inter Milan's fashionable kit

Wolfsburg celebrates

Villareal 1 - 3 Sevilla

Joel Campbell finds himself back in La Liga with Villareal

Villareal drew first blood, iirc?

Sevilla triumphed, the only away side to do so

Well done, Sevilla!

Dnipro 1 vs 0 Ajax

With the exception of Villareal, all the home sides won their matches

Dnipro scored the only goal 30 mins into the match

Frank de Boer had a bad day at the office, but look at that coat though!

I'm still frowning at this picture. What?
Club Brugge 2 -1 Besiktas - match report here

Say ba ba?

Rafelov scored a penalty

Champions League spot- here we come?

OP: and done! Any pushback, commentary et al will have to be dealt with later, I’m afraid (but please flag ‘em, I do attend to them when I have time).
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