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football news round up

Chatter from the sidelines
Oh, FFS. This is gone beyond a joke now
  • Adam Johnson was arrested for underage sex after 'teenager boasted about relationship and her father found out Mess!

  • Why Always Him? An alternative view of Mario Balotelli’s Liverpool career tl;dr: Rodgers used Balotelli as a scapegoat over his early managerial embarrassments (true), didn't want him (Balotelli got foisted on him), he can't do no right in Rodgers' eyes (true) and basically it's accepted that Balotelli will be shipped back to Italy while LFC go with their mandate of buying potential from somewhere.

  • </ul>


    Auba is vexed

    Reus, I hope you're saving your money and looking at alternate means of income (and yeah, getting a licence will be good too). Your career is being mothballed by injuries

    I assume that Immobile scored? Sorry, I haven't been watching much matches. I'm trying to do as much Spanish speaking as I can for reasons, and the people I speak with are only available during the times of football matches! :S

    I can't say that I dig the white kit

    *looks at kit for a long time* Nope, can't see it

    Tin Tin in action- an increasingly rare sight

    Okay, done. I really don't like this kit. Thank you for allowing me to work through my feelings of conflict. I have a feeling if I'm going to be following Dortmund I might need to learn German, because the English sources are a bit too Bayern Munich focused for the likes of me

    Premier League
    Aston Villa 2-1 West Brom

    Tim Sherwood's first win

    Well, Sherwood is many things, but not boring.

    Benatake scored a goal! Is the drought over?!

    Hull 1- 1 Sunderland

    The most exciting thing about the match was that the managers allegedly got into a scuffle

    Yayy. Right. Moving on

    Southampton 1- 0 Crystal Palace

    Mané scored the Saints first goal since New Year's day

    Southampton need top 4 (or hell, probably top six) to see European competition. The Saints have the best defence sheets in the league, but they haven't been scoring goals

    Zaha be trying it. NGL, Crystal Palace have the ugliest kit in the league

    Miscellaneous pics
    OP: These are pictures I had in mind for various posts, but due to reasons (time, appropriateness due to the themes I try to construct in the posts - what? You think I just slapdash them together! Well, it might look like that, but I try to have some organisation in there. Somewhere) these didn't get posted. So, have at them now.

    Rena watching LFC and now realising - he wants to be a goalie again to try and save those balls

    I'll say this about Alberto Moreno. He seems to be a lad that can grow where he's planted. Grew up in Sevilla, loved it, was broken hearted when he came to LFC- and look at him now! He's always the first to get to his teammates when they score a goal, always works hard, and is progressing. He's seen a LOT of first team action, isn't overawed by the pace of the league (he's gotten over it) and *knock on wood* doesn't seem to be susceptible to injuries. Good egg

    Eriksen and Davies in suits on the day of the Cup Final. From what I understand, everyone was suited up with the ceremony before, taking pictures and whatnot, before changing into their kit. Looking sharp as a punch, Eriksen!

    Pochettino forgets that he's wearing suit and shoes. You know that he still plays the game in his head, like most coaches do

    A series of pictures I'll like to call Sad Mauricio

    I liked this one.

    And this one! Normally, Pochettino tends to either look very stoic or very prickly on the sidelines. For him to look like this, deep disappointment, is a wonder. Out of everyone on the team, Hugo Lloris is the only one who's ever seen a Cup Final. Gossip about Pochettino- he's turned down all offers of Southampton graduates as he's looking to promote to first team academy prospects from Spurs own academy. The Saints are said to be bemused. More on that anon.

    Vertonghen fixing to drop the blue eyed soul mixtape of 2015

    The day before the LFC match, Kolo Toure posted this on his IG account?

    *still side eyeing Dortmund's third kit. This is a kit you wear when the other kits are dirty kit. Like the emergency underwear Y/Y?*

    OP: done! Sorry that the pictures are few, but I tried, at least? Anyway, if you're reading this, let's play a game! I want you all to come up with the most plausible transfer rumours that you can. Because I think this comm writes better copy than the nonsense (nonsense!) that I'm seeing in my feeds. It's like bleeding fanfic out there, y'all. Then, after you've done that, I'm going to track Metro and The Express for a while, for reasons. It doesn't matter which league, hit me (actually, the stranger the league, the better- Hull signed an African player from Zenit so... you know. Go wild. Throw managers in there for a gold star too).
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